International Anti-Corruption Conference on Public-Private Partnership held in cooperation with the Comptroller General’s Office of the Republic of Chile


Santiago de Chile, Chile

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In the context of the Integrity Week in Chile, the Alliance for Integrity together with the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile and with the support of the German-Chilean Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CAMCHAL) organised an international anti-corruption conference on the topic of “Public-private partnership in the fight against corruption”. The event counted with 300 participants from different Latin American countries, e.g. Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Another 200 participants joined via online streaming. The aim of the event was to discuss and identify national and international best practice examples to fight corruption in the private and public sector.

The event was opened by the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile, Jorge Bermudez Soto, and the Director of the Alliance for Integrity, Noor Naqschbandi, who welcomed the participants to the event. During his opening statement, Noor Naqschbandi focused on the importance of the network in Latin America for the Alliance for Integrity. The Alliance for Integrity is active in seven Latin American countries in which its local partners and supporters show high commitment and come up with innovative ideas to counter corruption. The Alliance for Integrity received very good feedback from their partners and clients, which showed that the activities and tools are seen as helpful. He ended his speech highlighting the importance of multi-stakeholder cooperation and pointed out that the conference was a good example for the dialogue, which is needed to exchange experience and support each other in the fight against corruption.

The two of them, Mr. Bermudez Soto and Mr. Naqschbandi participated in the following panel on “Transparency and Anti-Corruption: Risks and Challenges in Latin America”. They were joined by Dalma Parisi, Regional Compliance Officer at Siemens S.A.. In the panel’s opening presentation, Noor Naqschbandi emphasised a key topic for the Alliance for Integrity, which is the needed change in culture in order to fight corruption at its roots. The initiative’s training programme De Empresas Para Empresas (DEPE) and the process of digitalisation - especially the open data movement - are both tools that can support this change towards a culture of integrity. He also stated that Latin America is an impressive example for motivation and dedication to make a cultural change possible in that regard.

Before the lunch break, the panel on “Good Practice Examples in the Region” took place. During the discussion, three public institutions from Latin America shared best practice examples and discussed how one could cooperate more using a regional approach. These experts were Renato Capanema, Director of Integrity Promotion and International Cooperation at the Ministry of Transparency, Inspection and Comptroller General of the Union of Brazil (CGU), Leila Insaurralde, Head of the Anti-Corruption Management Department from the Comptroller General of the Republic of Paraguay, and Dorothy Pérez, Vice-Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile. They were joined by Roberto Mendeson, Subregional Compliance Officer at Merck Group, who shared a private sector point of view and pointed out which role the private sector plays in the fight against corruption, as well as Andrea Rondot from Deloitte who moderated the discussion.

After the break, a discussion on “Tools to Prevent Corruption” between Juan Ignacio Belbis, Investigator at Iniciativa Latinoamericana de Datos Abiertos, Verónica Cid, Coordinator for Anti-Corruption at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Chile, and Álvaro del Barrio, Director of Compliance and Operational Safety of Banco Estado was held. Alberto Zink, Legal Advisor at Bayer S.A. moderated the discussion. On the last out of four panels, “Public, Private and Civil Society Cooperation”, Susana Sierra, Founder of BH Compliance and Director of Transparent Chile, Rodrigo Mora, Executive Secretary of the Commission on Probity and Transparency, Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency in Chile, and Mauricio Duce, Executive President of Public Space shared their inputs. The three speakers remarked the importance of collective action regarding transparency. Flavio Fuertes, Director of the Global Compact Network Argentina moderated this final discussion.

In his closing remarks Jorge Bermudez Soto thanked the panellists and partners for their active engagement and the participants for their thoughtful questions and inputs.

More information (in Spanish) and the presentations held during the conference can be accessed here.

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