Corruption prevention Training Programme

The Alliance for Integrity’s capacity-building programme, which in Latin America is called “De Empresas para Empresas” (DEPE), seeks to promote clean business practices and fair competition as a mean to a stable, secure and responsible business investment climate.

Bearing this in mind, the training programme aims to assist companies to develop and implement effective corruption prevention mechanisms. Major companies with prevention systems support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with little experience in countering corruption by transferring their knowledge and experience. Thereby companies gain practical tools to solve problems related to corruption and to increase their competitiveness. The initiative is characterised by this practical approach and its orientation towards small and medium-sized companies with little experience in countering corruption.


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The corruption prevention programme consists of three phases:

Phase 1: Train-the-Trainer

Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Phase 2: Corruption Prevention Training for SMEs

Corruption Prevention Training for SMEs

Phase 3: Support Desk

Support Desk


Compliance Officer with experience in implementing effective corruption prevention systems are trained to become trainers for the programme.

These trainers instruct small and medium-sized enterprises with little or no experience in countering corruption and on how to develop corruption prevention systems.

The online Support Desk serves as a platform to assist trained companies in obtaining implementation-oriented information and making consults.


The compliance officers trained in the first phase typically work at national or international companies which have experience in implementing compliance programmes. Due to their experience, practical knowledge and the fact that they understand the local business culture, these compliance experts are ideal for providing the training and sharing their experience with SMEs with little or no experience in corruption prevention. This phase of the programme is called Train-the-Trainer and takes one day. It aims at familiarizing participants with the training material, the different practical cases and the new communication forms.

The corruption prevention training for SMEs is the centrepiece of the programme. In this second phase, SMEs with little or no experience in countering corruption are trained. The capacity-building is based on the standard corruption prevention training developed by the Global Compact Network Germany, which then is tailored to the specific context of each country of implementation. After this workshop, particularly the six practical steps, SMEs gain a better understanding of the various forms and consequences of corruption and the competitive advantages that comes with implementing a compliance programme within a company.

Finally, after attending the Corruption Prevention Training, SMEs gain access to the online Support Desk. This online platform complements the capacity-building programme as it provides additional resources, publications, practical cases and frequently asked questions answered by compliance experts. Additionally, SMEs have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the development and implementation of corruption prevention programmes within their organisation through the Support Desk. These inquiries are answered within 72 hours.


Further development of the training programme

As well as the training programme for SMEs, there are corruption prevention trainings for state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and trainings for specific sectors. The services offered depend on the respective region. Information on upcoming training measures can be found here.

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