Integrity Journey: good business for your company

why is the issue important?

Corruption causes economic imbalances and impacts on a country's financial stability and productivity, hence acting as a blocking factor for more opportunities and business growth.

Multisectoral Approach - Solutions that act across networks, strengthening business integrity and contributing to a more sustainable development are essential. Cooperation between the private sector, public sector and civil society is notably the best way to achieve efficiency in promoting integrity.

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What is the Jornada?

Approach – The Jornada’s intervention route seeks to stimulate and share success stories among SMEs that, after the implementation of an integrity programme, have achieved one of four objectives chosen in the registration phase, which are:
1. Participate in a Tendering Process;
2. Receive Investments;
3. Supply Goods and Services to Large Businesses; and
4. Interact with Public Agents.

Structure - The Jornanda will take place in ten stages, including a face-to-face launch event to be held in São Paulo in May 2019, webinars and a DEPE online training. It will also include the planning and application of an Integrity Programme based on content provided, specialised mentoring according to the pre-selected business objective, and a closing event to be held in São Paulo in September 2019. It is estimated that the participants will invest 27 hours in the process, of which 7 hours will be in person.


Who can take part?

Participation in the Jornada is free; however, the participants' engagement will be evaluated and measured, determining whether or not they can continue. Only Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are eligible to participate. "SME" means a small or medium-sized company duly registered in the Register of Mercantile Companies or in the Civil Registry of Legal Entities, provided that such company has in each calendar year a gross revenue of: (a) R$ 360 thousand to R$ 4.8 million, being characterised as "small business", or from R$ 4.8 million to R$ 300 million, being characterised as "medium company". Law and Consulting firms are not allowed to register and will automatically be eliminated if they do so.

Pleas note: The Alliance for Integrity is not an authority or certification body and has no obligation to provide certification. More information can be found in the Regulations below.



On demand, please let us know if you are interested in participating, either as a trainer or a learner, and in which country.


If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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