Alliance for Integrity

The Alliance for Integrity was created to promote and strengthen compliant behaviour in the private sector. Find out about its mission, how the initiative is organised and what actions were currently taken by having a read through the subsequent pages:


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Ms. Christina Pfandl


About us

About us

The Alliance for Integrity is dedicated to foster integrity in the business world. Find out more about who we are and what we do.




The Alliance for Integrity is governed at the global and national level by governance bodies. Find out more about their work.



Collective action is only possible with engaged partners and supporters. These are covering a broad range of sectors.




Find out more about the latest activities and products in our News section.

get involved

Get involved

As a multi-stakeholder initiative a reliable network of supporters is required. Find out how to take action.



The Alliance for Integrity is active in different regions around the world. Meet the team.

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