Global Trainer's Meeting during the Global Integrity Week


Mexico City, Mexico

During the Global Integrity Week the Alliance for Integrity had organised a Global Trainer's Meeting on the 3rd of April. The venue was the Novartis Office in Mexico City.

52 of our trainers, partners and team from across the globe had congregated to share their experiences, their challenges, and the best practices in their regions. In the round of introduction, the participants shared their reasons to join the Alliance for Integrity, the motivation to continue and the challenges they see on the future of the initiative. There seemed to be an unanimity in being a part of something bigger and meaningful and contributing towards the society. The motivation for them to continue was the presence of similar people around the globe willing to cooperate and share their knowledge and best practices. María Marta Talice from Banco Provincia emphasised on the need to diversify the training programmes. She shared need of sharing this knowledge with the student communities, so that the compliance is engrained in their manner of working and they carry it with them wherever they go. She said that prevention of corruption requires a behavioural change and hence there is a need to go as far and beyond as possible.

In the next session there was a panel discussion about the new training formats for specific target groups or industries being carried out in different regions, challenges and the way forward. Raymond Ahiadorme, Network Manager from Alliance for Integrity in Ghana shared a new approach implemented in the country, where they adapted the Compliance Training in shorter version, for the CEOs of companies. This approach is strategic because, any robust compliance programme requires the tone from the Top and if the CEOs understand and are aware of the importance, then the likelihood of the company having a proper process in place for compliance from the start increases. Also, Debora Dansker from Novartis Argentina shared her experience of implementing the compliance training in the public sector.

She said that the compliance training module of the Alliance was easily adaptable to the public sector and she herself being from the public sector, emphasised the need of it and at the same time the acceptability of the programme in Argentina. Erica Díaz Ulloa from COVESTRO shared her knowledge regarding the need to adapt the compliance programme for the target audience. There is no straight jacket formula that fits all and hence all the trainers should be mindful of the fact, who are they training and assess how to adapt the training to ensure maximum effectivity. Catalina Riano from CAMCHAL agreed with the opinion of Erica and shared their experience in adapting the training for suppliers of the central government in Chile.

Later in the day, Jorge Garcia from AHK Paraguay shared their knowledge on effective ways of story-telling, to share our success stories and challenges for a more meaningful impact and on the nitty-gritties of effective communication, as we deal with a sensitive issue. Knowledge on effective communication enables us to share our thoughts and approach in a manner to convince rather than confuse our target audience. To finalize the activities of the day, Ignacio Serna, gave a training on the new communication guide for external of Alliance for Integrity.
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