The Integrity Week - Fostering Cooperation within the Latin American Region


São Paulo, Brazil

Important partners and stakeholders from various Latin American countries had the chance to connect, exchange experience and discuss challenges and opportunities with regard to the implementation of compliance and anti-corruption measures at Alliance for Integrity’s Integrity Week Latin America from 2 May until 4 May in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Integrity Week started on Wednesday, 2 May with a Meeting of the Regional Working Group of Latin America. This was the second time that partners and stakeholders from public and private sector and civil society organisations of the countries where Alliance for Integrity is active in in the region came together to foster efforts of implementing compliance measures on a regional level. The event focused on good practice examples from the region and on how to improve the cooperation between the different countries in which the Alliance for Integrity operates in the region. Claudia Lorek de Araújo, the Alliance for Integrity’s Deputy Director and Regional Manager Latin America and Asia, welcomed the participants manifesting the planned growth of the group and its annual focus on the topic of digitalisation.

On Thursday, 3 May, the Alliance for Integrity continued the “Integrity Debate” series with the support of the Instituto Presbiteriano Mackenzie, who offered their premises for the event. The Integrity Debate Series offers a platform to discuss chances and solutions with regard to corruption prevention as well as to foster the dialogue between small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), business associations, civil society, public actors and international organisations. This time, the Integrity Debates focused on the opportunities that digitalisation can bring related to compliance and corruption prevention. In three different panels the experts discussed different aspects of regional anti-corruption regulation, the importance of integrity in state enterprises, and ultimately digital compliance, it’s importance and ways of implementation. The Integrity Debate featured more than 20 speakers from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, and Paraguay, who shared their experiences in the debates and answered questions from the audience. More than 600 people were able to watch the Integrity Debates by live broadcast via TV Mackenzie.
On the morning of 4 May, the Integrity Week continued with the “Integrity Talks” focusing on the topic “How to Communicate an Integrity Programme and Provide Related Training”. CRA-SP (São Paulo Regional Board of Administration) supported the event providing the space where the encounter took place.

The event sought to provide an opportunity for SMEs to learn more about corruption prevention and integrity training programmes, as well as ways to communicate the training’s content to staff members and partners. After an interesting keynote speech by Luciana Asper, Representative of Estratégia Nacional de Combate à Corrupção e à Lavagem de Dinheiro (ENCCLA), specialists from seven Latin American countries discussed how to communicate matters of integrity. As part of the event, a ceremony was held to honour the most committed trainers of the “De Empresas Para Empresas” (DEPE) corruption prevention training programme in the region.

On Friday afternoon, the Alliance for Integrity invited to the fourth meeting of regional DEPE trainers. Aim of the encounter was to strengthen the cooperation between the countries where DEPE training sessions are implemented and improve the content and training methods together with trainers from the region. After the meeting, a closing dinner with partners, speakers and participants brought the Integrity Week in Brazil to a successful end.
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