Collective Action as a Game Changer for Business Integrity


Panama City, Panama

International standards and guidance papers on corruption identify the importance of multi-faceted approaches with multi-stakeholder participation to combat and prevent corruption. Collective Action epitomises this in a practical way that offers solutions to systemic corruption. Collective Action can also help to level the playing field for the private sector, mitigate corruption risks in the supply chain and increase company reputation. The “game changing” nature of Collective Action has prompted the Basel Institute on Governance and the Alliance for Integrity to host a joint workshop on the topic at the 17th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Panama on 3 December 2016.

In the workshop, GIZ Managing Director Cornelia Richter represented the Alliance for Integrity and shared GIZ’s vast experience with implementing multi-stakeholder initiatives. Ms. Richter discussed with experts and practitioners such as Mark Pieth, Basel Institute on Governance, Horacio Icaza, La Casa del Médico, and Alejandro Rios, Coparmex about challenges and success factors of such initiatives.
The International Anti-Corruption Conference is organised by Transparency International and brings together anti-corruption experts from all over the world.

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