Advisory Group in Ghana finalizes Work Plan for the second half of 2016


Accra, Ghana

The Advisory Group of the Alliance for Integrity in Ghana convened for the second time in 2016 to review past activities and also discussed upcoming programmes. The members of the Advisory Group were welcomed by Madam Rita Weidinger, the Acting Country Director of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Ghana, and Mr. Raymond Ahiadorme, Network Manager of the Alliance for Integrity in Ghana.
The members were updated on various activities undertaken over the last months in pursuit of the objectives of the Alliance for Integrity, such as the official launch of the business-driven network in Ghana in April 2016.
Members were also briefed on the accomplishments of two previously established Working Groups. The Working Group on Awareness Creation is working on the adaptation of the No eXcuses Pocket Guide and is giving technical input to the Compliance Guidebook, both of which are corruption-prevention tools that have been designed for use by businesses.

The Working Group on Capacity Building is on the other hand involved in adapting the Alliance for Integrity’s compliance training modules of the training programme “From Companies to Companies" for the use in the upcoming capacity building activities in Ghana.
A Train-the-trainer Workshop as well as Compliance Training for Businesses will then take place on August 10 and 11. Other training programmes have also been scheduled for the rest of the year.
The Advisory Group also discussed the Work Plan of the Alliance for Integrity for the second half of 2016 in Ghana and approved it after making a number of inputs. The meeting was chaired by Advisory Group Vice Chair, Mr. Kofi Asare Anyemedu, who is also the Country Coordinator of the United Nations Global Compact Network in Ghana. The Advisory Group will convene again on November 30 to agree on the plan of activities for 2017.

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