Train-the-Trainer Workshop

The Alliance for Integrity proposes a three-step training programme that aims to strengthen compliance capacities of companies.
Step 1: Train-the-Trainer Workshop
Step 2: Corruption Prevention Training for SMEs
Step 3: Support Desk

General Aim

The training programme of the Alliance for Integrity seeks to assist companies in developing and implementing effective corruption prevention systems. Major companies with established compliance systems become trainers and support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with little experience in countering corruption by transferring their knowledge and experiences. The companies gain practical tools to solve problems related to the corruption and to increase their competitiveness.

Train-the-Trainer Workshop

The Train-the-Trainer Workshop is the first step of the Alliance for Integrity's training programme. Compliance Officers and personnel responsible for wider business integrity issues from major companies receive the tools and methods to become trainers on basic concepts of anti-corruption for small and medium-sized enterprises.


During the first day of the workshop, an international expert will familiarize the participants with the training material developed by the Alliance for Integrity. The participants also receive tools and methods to become trainers such as teaching and communication techniques. Furthermore, the group of participants will collect practical cases most relevant to the local context by sharing experiences and knowledge. On the second day, all participants will take part in the Corruption Prevention Training for SMEs. During this training they act as observers while the training is given by the international expert. Trainers can already test their skills and give parts of the training under the supervision of the expert. After successfully completing the two-day workshop, participants can become affiliated with the Alliance for Integrity as trainers and will be assigned in groups of trainers to conduct Corruption Prevention Training sessions for SMEs.

Who can take part?

Participation is open to all experienced Compliance Officers and personnel responsible for wider business integrity issues of major companies. Ideally, participants of the Train-the-Trainer Workshop should have experience in implementing compliance measures as well as knowledge of the legal background and an understanding of the local business culture.
We are looking forward to working with you.

What is in it for you?

Becoming a trainer for the Alliance for Integrity comes with a number of benefits:
   > Access to an international network
   > Share experience and knowledge with others
   > Learn from good practice examples
   > Connect to relevant stakeholders in the public sector and civil society
   > Communicate your stance on integrity to your supply chain and business partners
   > Participate in conferences and workshops of the Alliance for Integrity


Florian Lair, Alliance for Integrity, Germany

Mr. Florian Lair works for the Alliance for Integrity which is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Berlin, Germany. He is responsible for content development and the implementation of the Alliance for Integrity’s training programme. Prior to his career with GIZ, Florian studied international relations in Berlin, Moscow and Hong Kong.


Do you have questions on this training? We are glad to help!

Raymond Ahiadorme


Date from: 10.08.2016 09:00
Date to: 11.08.2016 16:00


Ghana Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 1st floor,World Trade Center


Alliance for Integrity
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