Alliance for Integrity organises DUKU Train-the-Trainer Workshop in Indonesia


Jakarta, Indonesia

The Alliance for Integrity conducted Dari Usaha Ke Usaha (DUKU) Train-the-Trainer Workshop on 5 November 2019 in Jakarta. This workshop aims to equip Compliance, Sustainability and Ethics Officers in promoting and strengthening compliance throughout the supply chains. Ten new voluntary experts from private sectors, international organisation, civil society, and academia participated in the event.

Participants were trained in how to present the relevant information on the implementation of compliance mechanisms to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Besides a clarification on definitions, types and forms of corruption, the training provides practical advice on how to identify and handle grey areas, informs on legal framework and risk management. Additionally, to internal measures against corruption, the content promotes external measures against corruption and collective action.

Since having a robust compliance management system becomes increasingly an essential competitive advantage for companies, during the training, participants are introduced to the six-step approach developed by the Global Compact Network to implement such system. During the exercise on the six steps (commit, assess, define, implement, measure, and communicate) participants shared their experience from the practice.

As collective actions to fight against corruption in the business sectors, this workshop received feedback from participants who expressed their interest on further collaboration for joint measures and events.

The workshop was attended by representatives from Grab Kiosk Indonesia, Indonesia Global Compact Network Indonesia, PT. Otsuka Indonesia, PT. Rajawali Corpora, and Yayasan Bhumiksara among others.

Author: Faiza Hasan

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