4th Global Conference of the Alliance for Integrity

Strengthening integrity, both in the public and the private sector, has been high on the global agenda in recent years. Support for integrity and transparency by business leaders has been growing, and many companies have now implemented compliance programmes. While tightening legal frameworks and changed expectations have generally supported this trend, developments during the Covid-19 pandemic have shown that much remains to be done. In times of crisis, many actors – in the private and in the public sector – are overwhelmed by disrupted supply chains and the need for emergency action. This greatly increases the risk of corruption and of losing hard-fought gains. The Alliance for Integrity therefore promotes the use of everyone’s strongest shared asset – their ability to collaborate and co-create.

The Collective Action approach brings together all relevant stakeholders and provides a forum for dialogue, exchange on good practices and space to jointly craft innovative solutions to strengthen business integrity. To emphasise its message of transparency, integrity and multi-stakeholder cooperation, the Alliance for Integrity in collaboration with its partners carries out a global communication campaign. Its key message “Let’s build a sustainable economic future with equal opportunities for everyone” stresses the need for integrity and its benefits as well as the central role of cooperation.

Collective Action has been a major factor for success in fighting corruption and strengthening integrity. While showcasing its own experiences, the Alliance for Integrity invites a diverse set of speakers, stakeholders and partners to reflect how Collective Action can be leveraged even further, which new and innovative ways of cooperation are possible, where potentials for upscaling and replications exist and how specific challenges of different actors can be taken into account.

In addressing these questions, this Conference will demonstrate how Collective Action can be a key to achieving business integrity for a sustainable economic environment.


The event will take place from Tuesday, 27 April - Thursday, 29 April 2021, in English language.


Participation will be of interest to companies of all sizes, particularly to CEOs, chief compliance officers and executives that are responsible for broader business integrity issues. The conference will also be of relevance to experts working in the field of anti-corruption in governments, civil society, development agencies, international organisations and academia.


Registration and participation are free of charge.


Interested parties can register on our conference platform.


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Date from: 27.04.2021 14:00
Date to: 29.04.2021 16:00
CET: UTC/GMT +02:00 - Europe/Berlin


Alliance for Integrity


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