Advisory Group launched in Mexico


Mexico City, Mexico

Continuing its objective of strengthening integrity in companies, their business partners and interest groups, the Alliance for Integrity launched a local Advisory Group at the Bankers Club of Mexico on 11th December 2018. The Advisory Group serves as the consultation body of the initiative on strategic decisions in Mexico, helping to identify, develop and adopt different approaches and solutions to create a work plan for the fight against corruption.

The Advisory Group in Mexico is represented in the Steering Committee of the Alliance for Integrity through its Chairperson. Meetings usually take place twice a year. Twelve institutions make up the Advisory Group in Mexico: five companies, three of them Mexican and two international; three business chambers; an international organisation; a university; and two civil society bodies.

At the start of the session, Susanne Friedrich, Director of the Alliance for Integrity, shared the global perspective of the initiative and the work that has been done in Mexico. She thanked the members of the Group for their interest in continuing to join forces to promote business integrity and opened a space for dialogue, along with the participants, to align interests and expectations, and to develop together a work plan and a strategy in Mexico.

Tobias Lange, Industrial Affairs Counselor at the German Embassy in Mexico outlined the Embassy’s interest in continuing to work closely with the Alliance for Integrity and now, along with its Advisory Group members, promoting integrity in the country.

Carolina Echevarria, who coordinates the Alliance for Integrity’s network in Latin America, shared the work that has been carried out with other partners in the region in terms of collective action and digital solutions.

Subsequently, Marco Pérez, Network Manager Mexico of the Alliance for Integrity, presented the Terms of Reference of the Advisory Group, which were signed by the twelve member institutions. The members elected Gustavo Perez Berlanga, Director of Social Responsibility at Toks Group, as the Chairman, and Juan Ignacio Díaz, CEO of Siemens Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, as the Vice Chairman of the Advisory Group. Both accepted their election and reiterated their commitment to support the network in Mexico through their work.

Finally, the main conclusions were presented graphically. This information will serve as a baseline for the construction of the programme of activities in Mexico and as a reference for the global networks in the construction of the initiative Vision 2025. At the end of the launch, Susanne Friedrich declared the new Advisory Group in Mexico to be constituted, hoping that its creation would create value for all the members and stakeholders, in order to continue the initiative’s efforts in the fight against corruption.

©Photos: Siemens

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