TheIntegrityApp – The application which helps small and medium-sized companies (SME) to strengthen compliance


Frankfurt, Germany

How can globally operating companies control the integrity standards of their supply chains more effectively while simultaneously small and medium-sized companies strengthen their compliance systems? With its app and online platform, the Alliance for Integrity has found a digital answer to that question.

TheIntegrityApp enables SME to make a self-evaluation related to their compliance capacities by answering 25 questions. Based on the result, the app provides tools and resources, which support SMEs in the development of their compliance capacities. Simultaneously TheIntegrityApp allows companies to evaluate and improve the compliance capacities of companies in their supply chain. Large enterprises therefore are able to access the compliance capacities of potential suppliers, which also are listed in TheIntegrityApp and consider them during the selection of potential business partners.

With global trade becoming more and more complex, and semi-finished goods accounting for up to two-thirds of traded goods, strengthening capacities along the supply chain is essential for a corruption-free and fair business environment with integrity. Digitalisation enables numerous new opportunities for the private as well as the public sector regarding effective risk management.

Online applications provide a useful and easily accessible tool to control supply chains, especially for SMEs. Although SMEs form the backbone of the global economy, their integrity and compliance standards still have to improve. TheIntegrityApp tackles this deficiency, by providing relevant information and practical resources to SMEs to improve their compliance capabilities. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to connect with potential business partners and exchange experiences about compliance in a global network of like-minded.

TheIntegrityApp was globally launched on 22 February 2018 at the Alliance for Integrity’s Global Conference “„Implementing Business Integrity into Practice – Integrity in the Digital Era“. More information about the app can be found here, or in the Google Play Store. A team of the Alliance developed TheIntegrityApp for Integrity in the course of the Innovation Fund of GIZ.

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