Trust or control? Strengthening compliance in the supply chain – but how?


Berlin, Germany

In the context of this year’s DICO Forum Compliance the Alliance for Integrity conducted a workshop on the topic “Trust or control? Compliance-pitfalls in the supply chain”. Dr. Philipp Matthey, Chief Compliance Officer, MAN SE and chairman of the board of the Deutsches Institut für Compliance (DICO) e.V. illustrated his practical experience on Business Excellence: Compliance in Purchasing.

In a well-attended workshop, the participants discussed several risk scenarios in the supply chain, particularly with focus on the selection of suppliers. In a lively discussion, the audience added a number of scenarios and shared their experience as well as best practices.

Mr. Naqschbandi, director of the Alliance for Integrity, highlighted once again the relevance of the work of the Expert Group “Corruption prevention in the supply chain”, which is moderated by the global initiative. Currently the Expert Group works on a cross-sectoral guide on this topic. The guide will be launched in Berlin in December.

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