DUKU Training for SMEs in Indonesia


Jakarta, Indonesia

On 6 November 2019, the Alliance for Integrity conducted a Dari Usaha Ke Usaha (DUKU) training for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Jakarta, Indonesia. The DUKU training aims to provide SMEs with basic knowledge on how to implement anti-corruption mechanisms. Following the train-the-trainer workshop, the DUKU training is the second step of the corruption prevention programme implemented by the Alliance for Integrity.

In the beginning of the event, participants were introduced to TheIntegrityApp. The digital tool allows SMEs to self-assess their level of compliance and provides additional training materials to further strengthen their capacities. During the introduction session, participants expressed their expectations from the training: building a culture of integriy, prevent corruption, and increase effective compliance mechanisms were named as main objectives of the participants.

The representatives from various SMEs learnt about definitions, types and forms of corruption, grey areas, legal frameworks, risk management, internal good practices and external measurs to fight corruption, as well as collective actions. 

SMEs have a specific perspective on compliance and corruption issues. Therefore, it is of great importance to understand their point of view and challenges to be able to support them in the development of adequate solutions.

The Alliance for Integrity conducted the training in order to promote business integrity within the private sector. The one-day event focused on compliance-related questions of Indonesian SMEs. It is expected that participating SMEs will be able to develop and implement compliance measures in their own organisations afterwards. To offer ongoing support, the Alliance for Integrity operates an online support desk, where training participants can find further information and address concrete questions. A network of compliance experts provides answers and advice within 72 hours. This way, the representatives can request assistance whenever they need.

Author: Faiza Hasan

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