TheIntegrityApp Presented at Business Integrity Forum in Surabaya


Surabaya, Indonesia

The Alliance for Integrity introduced its digital application TheIntegrityApp at the Business Integrity Forum initiated by Indonesia Business Links (IBL) in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. IBL’s Business Integrity Forum is an annual forum aiming to formulate recommendations to strengthen ethical business practices among all stakeholder groups. The launch was preceded by a forum dialogue between private and public sectors. The dialogue was facilitated by IBL in cooperation with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s East Java chapter. Following the forum, a focus group discussion was held, where a communique was produced in the course of the discussion. The communique consisted of four commitments to uphold business integrity, and was later delivered to KPK by IBL. This communique will also serve as a basis to promote a business environment more conducive to integrity in East Java.

The introduction of TheIntegrityApp was led by Faiza Hasan, who presented the purpose of the application. TheIntegrityApp is a digital solution developed by the Alliance for Integrity team aiming to encourage the strengthening of integrity and compliance practices by companies. Furthermore, she invited the audience to have a look at the application design and its tools. In her presentation, she explained that the application is currently available in three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese, whereas the Bahasa Indonesian version is still under development and will be launched later this year at the International Business Integrity Conference. Until that time, the audience was invited to test the English version of the application. To use the app, the audience can go to the Google Play Store and download TheIntegrityApp or they can use an internet browser on their phone or tablet and go to

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