Alliance for Integrity's Advisory Group India held its 1st meeting in 2019


New Delhi, India

The Alliance for Integrity convened its 1st Advisory Group Meeting of 2019 on February 27 in New Delhi. The meeting commenced with welcome remarks by Susanne Friedrich, Director of the Alliance for Integrity, and an introduction of the new team members of the Alliance for Integrity in India, Seema Choudhary and Savita Singh.

In the beginning, the participants were given a brief overview about the global updates of the Alliance for Integrity team. Ms. Friedrich presented the innovative ‘Integrity Journey’ being designed and implemented by the colleagues in Brazil. It supports the capacity building and continuous follow-up with small and medium sized companies in the country via various tools to make the journey towards integrity smoother andmore effective. Further discussed with the Advisory Group members was the digital solution TheIntegrityApp, detailing on its impact by self-assessment and supporting the users to build-up compliance capacities. Ms. Friedrich also reported on collective actions including the Women20 (Engagement Group of the G20 during the Presidency of Argentina) being taken globally and the engagement of the Alliance of Integrity within the Business20.

Afterwards, the process to create a joint vision for Alliance for Integrity regarding impact, governance, and institutionalisation was shared. It was highlighted that inputs of the participants are necessary and very useful to align and include an Indian perspective to the Vision 2025. Input from the Advisory Group members will be collected to share their perspective and will be presented to the Steering Committee in April 2019.

Continuing with an exchange about the way forward for India, Seema Choudhary presented the goals and activities to be achieved in 2019. During the meeting the Advisory Group members gave inputs for all activities suggested and showed immense enthusiasm and engagement. The members took leaderships and shared responsibilities for activities. In the end, the participants discussed about how to operate more efficiently.
With this, the meeting came to an end. Seema Choudhary thanked all the participants for their participation, contribution and suggestions. With this valuable input, Alliance for Integrity will move forward to plan and implement further measures.

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