Online Scenario-Based Learning Planned for Members of the Ghana Institution of Engineering as part of TheIntegrityApp


Accra, Ghana


The Alliance for Integrity has been exploring the possibility of having online scenario-based learning on ethics for members of the Ghana Institution of Engineering as a feature of TheIntegrityApp. The process was initiated in a workshop held in Accra, which brought together members of the Awareness Creation Working Group of the Alliance for Integrity as well as representatives of the Ghana Institution of Engineering. The online test is expected to provide the opportunity for members of the Ghana Institution of Engineering to be informed about ethics in their profession and about general means of ensuring ethical business. This comes at a time when corporate governance is becoming a topical issue in Ghana and engineers who execute construction contracts such as civil engineering, building and electrical engineering are usually required to have high ethical standards, for which reason they are engaging with the Alliance for Integrity.

The meeting brought together participants with the aim of exploring the possibility and understanding the steps involved in generating this online test. The current stage is the modeling process. After the modeling, the actual development of the feature will be carried out in close collaboration with the Ghana Institution of Engineering and other relevant partners, stakeholders in Ghana and within the network in the respective regions of the Alliance for Integrity’s global network. Participants were pleased about the process and the fact that they were able to engage in the modeling process; they expressed a desire to take part in the subsequent processes in order to have a workable and useable online test. This is also part of broader plans to build an online community and additional features for TheIntegrityApp.
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