First Compliance Training for Businesses in Nigeria


Lagos, Nigeria

The Alliance for Integrity in collaboration with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce (AHK) in Nigeria has organised its first Compliance Training for Businesses in Lagos, Nigeria, hosting fifteen compliance officers and representatives from various SMEs.

The training presented a practical platform for business owners and compliance officers to discuss on promoting responsible business practices in Nigeria and building/improving compliance systems in their enterprises. The participants underlined the importance of the training, in particular the aspects on corruption risk assessment and mitigation measures.

The interactive training session served as an eye-opener to the realities and effects of corruption in the business environment and the need to build more resilient compliance systems to cover identified grey areas of corruption.

Amongst the many lessons learnt, one participant, Mr. Frank Ilo, the Chief Executive Officer of Montwell Properties, described the training as revealing, engaging and having a personal effect for each company. “The training was educative and underscored the need for organisations to allocate resources to institute compliance measures seeing its eventual effect on the business environment,” added Mr. Israel Adeniran, Managing Director of Moreworth Global.

The training course was successfully conducted by Mr. Patrick Kwadzie, Managing Director of Kenycorb Limited, who received the trainer of the year award of the Alliance for Integrity Ghana in 2019 and keenly shared his knowledge with the participants in Nigeria.

Author: Christiana Gada

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