Digital Corruption Prevention Training for Businesses in the Engineering and Construction Sector

The training programme of the Alliance for Integrity seeks to assist companies in developing and implementing effective corruption prevention systems. Major companies with established compliance systems become trainers and support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with little or no experience in countering corruption by sharing their knowledge and experiences. The companies gain practical knowledge to solve problems related to corruption and to increase their competitiveness.


The training programme addresses the following aspects:

  • Definitions: What is corruption and what types of corruption exist?
  • Relevance for the own company: How is my company affected by corruption? Corruption prevention based on practical examples.
  • Risk factors: Presentation of typical risks and possible measures to reduce them.
  • Potential solutions for critical situations and prevention measures: How should I behave in critical situations? What are essential components of an ethics and compliance programme? What needs to be considered when choosing business partners? Which advantages can collective action bring?


  • Camila Cypriano – Compliance Expert, EDP Brasil
  • Juliana Penelli – Compliance Manager & DPO, Saint-Gobain Brasil
  • Matheus Leonel – Head of compliance, Brookfield
  • Sandro Onofre – Compliance LA Senior Manager, Mercedes-Benz Brazil


Many questions arise only when implementing corruption prevention measures into practice. This is why the Alliance for Integrity has developed a support structure. After the training programme, participants gain access to an online support desk that provides expert answers to practical questions on the implementation of corruption prevention measures within 72 hours.


The training programme is divided into four modules. Each module will take 120 minutes. The training programme starts on 11 May 2021, following on 13 and 17 May 2021, and ending on 19 May 2021, from 10:00 to 12:00 (GMT-3).  Attendance in all modules is required for completing the training. The training is carried out in Portuguese language.


The training is aimed specifically at companies operating in the Brazilian construction sector. The main target group of this online training are CEOs and business representatives with little or no experience in implementing an effective corruption prevention system. Please use the form below to register. After a successful registration, a confirmation email will be sent.


There is no registration fee to participate in this training programme.


The online training will be hosted via Microsoft Teams. The link will follow the confirmation email.


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Date from: 11.05.2021 10:00
Date to: 19.05.2021 12:00
CET: America/Sao_Paulo


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