Round-Table discussion on Business Integrity and Human Rights Due Diligence

Due to the increasing globalization of the last decades, trade has grown strongly worldwide. The global South is particularly attractive for large companies due to low labor costs. The supply chains are widely ramified, and local control of working conditions is often not possible. This problem is now increasingly being addressed by the developed countries. Countries around the world have implemented supply chain laws with corresponding obligations to prevent human rights violations in general, but also in some cases on a sector-specific basis, to hold companies accountable.

Various individual EU states have already taken action. However, there is also a corresponding draft at the EU level to be able to regulate the topic uniformly across as broad an area as possible, creating a level playing field within the EU. The many suppliers from India will fall under the scope of the new obligations, so that companies must be informed at an early stage to be prepared for the increased requirements when the directive comes into force. 

The round table will be a closed group discussion to exchange our knowledge, work and ideas and mutually decide the collaboration and outcome. 


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Seema Choudhary


Date from: 10.12.2021 14:30
Date to: 10.12.2021 16:15
CET: UTC/GMT +05:30 - Asia/Kolkata


Alliance for Integrity, India

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