Intra-African Exchange on Compliance: Due Diligence in Times of Crisis

The Alliance for Integrity as part of its activities to promote integrity within the business ecosystem, engages experts and practitioners in the compliance field to share ideas and best practices. In line with this, the Alliance for Integrity is collaborating with its network of experts and the Business Scout for Development Programme to engage the African business community in an intraregional exchange on specific topics on integrity and compliance in Africa.


The three main objectives of this virtual exchange are:

  • Creating a platform for professional exchanges on compliance and integrity between the Alliance for Integrity and the Business Scouts for Development business community;
  • Fostering peer learning on integrity challenges occasioned by the global health pandemic; and
  • Developing mitigation measures through Collective Action.


  • Nwaedonzi Ebere Anenih, General Manager (Legal Compliance & Human Resources), Weststar Associates Limited
  • Gideon ML Shilongo, Director of Group Corporate Relations, Ohlthaver & List Group
  • Anna Kankondi, Group Manager Stakeholder Relations, Ohlthaver & List Group


Registration and participation are free of charge.

Who should attend?

This exchange series is open to all Compliance Officers, Business Executives, CEOs and anyone interested in compliance.


Please use the form below to register. After a successful evaluation, a confirmation email will be sent.


Gideon Mankralo, Network Manager, Ghana & Nigeria

Christina Pfandl, Advisor Development Cooperation, Namibia


Date from: 11.05.2021 13:00
Date to: 11.05.2021 14:30
CET: UTC/GMT +00:00 - Africa/Accra


Alliance for Integrity
Business Scouts for Development

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