An app for the self-evaluation of compliance programmes


TheIntegrityApp is a digital tool and app for the self-assessment of compliance programmes which was developed by the Alliance for Integrity. By answering a simple and practical questionnaire, the user will receive a score between 0 and 100 that indicates its company’s or institution’s level of adherence to business integrity standards. After the results are obtained, the user will have free access to content that helps to further implement policies to promote integrity in your business.
It is important to remember that the application does not provide a certification.

TheIntegrityApp was originally developed for the private sector as a free and accessible tool for SMEs to self-assess their integrity programmes. TheIntegrityApp is available in English, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The Alliance for Integrity, through TheIntegrityApp, seeks to foster a culture of ethics, integrity, and compliance across companies by suggesting appropriate content for each user.


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TheIntegrityApp for the private sector

Phone using TheIntegrityApp

More information on the app can be found here and you can download it in the Google Play Store and on iTunes.


Content of TheIntegrityApp

A questionnaire for companies containing 25 questions is the basis of the self-assessment of compliance programmes. After completing the self-assessment, the user will gain access to information on capacity building. Amongst the capacity building resources that the app provides to its users are texts, podcasts, and videos that relate to compliance programmes.

Who can use TheIntegrityApp?

TheIntegrityApp has been developed for companies and institutions that wish to measure their integrity practices in the form of a self-assessment process to strategically implement or enhance their compliance programmes. The physical person responsible for creating access to the TheIntegrityApp, e.g. providing login, password, and data information regarding the participating company, must have the necessary powers and knowledge to bind the company they represent under the penalties of the law. In many cases, this person will be the compliance officer of the company.

Benefits for SMEs

TheIntegrityApp is a free and accessible tool for SMEs to self-assess their compliance programmes. It also provides tools and resources to improve compliance measures within these companies.


TheIntegrityApp for the public sector in Brazil

In June 2018, an adapted version of TheIntegrityApp for the public sector has been launched in Brazil. Therefore, the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) Brazil cooperated with the Alliance for Integrity. This version of the app also provides a self-assessment and free access to information on how to improve integrity programmes. TheIntegrityApp for the public sector aims to strengthen public institutions in Brazil and to sensitise for integrity.

Changes include a self-assessment tailored to the specific needs of the public sector and a set of targeted tools and resources. Three different dashboards were programmed for the public sector version of TheIntegrityApp: 1. Public officials can fill out the self-assessment and find out how the compliance programme of their institution scores and how it can be further strengthened 2. Public sector compliance officers receive an overview of their institution’s compliance activities. 3. The Brazilian Ministry of Transparency and Comptroller General of the Union receives an overview of the compliance level of participating federal government institutions as well as their score. The data enables the Brazilian Ministry of Transparency and Comptroller General of the Union to focus efforts on institutions or areas where capacities are low.

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