The Alliance for Integrity held Corruption Prevention Training ‘De Empresas Para Empresas’ DEPE in Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Alliance for Integrity successfully held its Corruption Prevention Training ”De Empresas Para Empresas” in Rio de Janeiro. The training was organised with the support of the AHK Rio de Janeiro and attended by 25 representatives of small and medium-sized companies from Rio de Janeiro and surrounding regions. The goal of the training is to support companies in the development and implementation of effective corruption prevention systems.

During the training day the trainers Juliano Berton, Neoenergia, Leandro Coutinho, BNDES and Lino Gaviolli, Siemens, transmitted their knowledge and experience to companies that seek to improve

their knowledge regarding compliance and corruption prevention. In the training, companies gained practical tools to solve problems related to corruption and to increase their competitiveness in the market. The combination of international good practices, transfer of knowledge and experience in implementing corruption prevention activities, makes the training programme valuable to business.

During the training participants had access to possible internal, external and collective measures to prevent and combat corruption in the private sector. Throughout the training, participants shared their knowledge and experience gained through their own daily business activities.

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