Advisory Group Brazil paves the way for a sustainable future of the initiative


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Advisory Group Brazil paves the way for a sustainable future of the initiative

In the second half of October, the Advisory Group Brazil held its tenth and final meeting of the year. Key topics were the role of Brazil as regional hub in Latin America, the results of the activities carried out in 2020 and the election of the new Chair and Vice-Chair of the Advisory Group.

At the beginning of the meeting, Amanda Rocha, Network Manager South America, explained the relevance of Brazil for the initiative’s work in the region. From the office in São Paulo, our colleagues coordinate all activities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. The regional hub also manages two cross-cutting topics that are important for the global agenda: digitalisation and ecological sustainability. Taking into account the high demand for further activities in South America, the Brazilian team is growing. Gabriela Faria, graduated in International Relations, has joined the initiative as new project assistant. She has been working in the area of compliance since 2017, when she worked as intern in the same office.

Closing the operational year, members reviewed the activities carried out in 2020. Highlights included the first digital DEPE corruption prevention training, virtual events addressing highly relevant topics in the context of the ongoing crisis, and the first Integrity Marathon in the history of the initiative. In recent months, the Alliance for Integrity has also been able to expand its network with strategic partners, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and Mackenzie University. Their expertise, experience and commitment will help to further expand the outreach and impact of our initiative. Measured in numbers, the Alliance for Integrity in Brazil has supported more than 230 SMEs in their compliance efforts, carried out 15 digital formats on various topics and can currently count on 22 active trainers.

This success is also reflected on the international level. During 2020, the B20 community had worked on several key areas of the global agenda and formulated 25 private-sector related policy recommendations. The Alliance for Integrity has taken part in the Task Force on Integrity and Compliance.

Three recommendations, related to a culture of high integrity, emerging technologies and public procurement, were elaborated and handed over to the G20 leaders. As only initiative, the Alliance for Integrity is represented in two fields with three recognised best practices, including the adaptation of #TheIntegrityApp for the Brazilian public sector.

The achievements of the past months are important milestones on the road to a sustainable future as defined in the Vision 2025. In this context, Ms. Denise Iwakura, Compliance Officer at SAP Brazil and Chair of the Advisory Group, shared the results of the last Steering Committee meeting. She announced that the new by-laws and the business plan for the next two years were unanimously approved. The Advisory Group Brazil significantly contributed to these essential next steps by elaborating the national business plan and commenting on the global documents.

It was the last official act of Denise Iwakura in her function as Chair of the Advisory Group. Within the last twelve months she led the efforts of the Group and has been largely responsible for the achievements in the country. She will be succeeded by Marcia Muniz, Legal Director of Cisco do Brasil and former Vice-Chair of the Advisory Group. Marco Barreto, Compliance Manager of Natura Brasil, will take over as Vice Chair. Ms. Iwakura congratulated her colleagues on their new function and thanked all members for their continuous support, expertise and experience shared.

The Advisory Group Brazil consists of representative from the UN Global Compact Network Brazil, Comptroller General of the Union, Magazine Luiza, Cisco, SAP, Banco do Brasil, LATAM, Mackenzie, and Natura. Thanks to their engagement, the Alliance for Integrity is recognised as an effective anti-corruption initiative in Brazil and beyond. The next meeting of the Advisory Group is planned for March 2021.

Author: Gabriela Faria 

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