Working Group on "Strengthening Integrity in SMEs" prepares workshop focused on SMEs


São Paulo, Brazil

The Alliance for Integrity’s Working Group on "Strengthening Integrity in SMEs" held another meeting, this time at JLL’s headquarters in São Paulo. The focus of the meeting was the structuring of a workshop that will address issues of extreme relevance to SMEs which is scheduled to take place in early December 2017 in São Paulo.

For the accomplishment of this workshop, the participants of the Working Group were divided into teams and were working on the following topics: Conflict of Interests; Training and Communication; Reporting Channel and internal investigation; and Code of Ethics and Conduct.

During the meeting, the groups presented what progress they had made and how each topic will be covered during the workshop in December. The workshop is scheduled for 60 people and will last up to 4 hours.

Currently the Working Group is composed of representatives of national and multinational companies, public sector, international organisations, and civil society: ABB, Allianz, Banco do Brasil, CNI, Central Nacional Unimed, Duratex, Givaudan, Instituto Ethos, JLL, Mercedes-Benz Brasil, Ministério da Transparência, Fiscalização e Controle - CGU, Natura, Rede Brasil do Pacto Global, Saint Gobain, Sebrae SP, Siemens Brasil, ThyssenKrupp, Transparency International, Twitter, Unimed Curitiba, and Whirlpool.

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