Alliance for Integrity launches Compliance Handbook in Brazil


São Paulo, Brazil

The Alliance for Integrity launched the pocket guide “Corruption Prevention - A Guide for Businesses”, which is an adaptation of the German publication and was developed jointly with the Anti-Corruption Working Group of the UN Global Compact Network Brazil.

The launch of the publication was held in São Paulo along with the meeting of the Anti-Corruption Working Group of the Global Compact Network. The main idea of the pocket guide was to produce a document that addressed all the items of a complete compliance programme, its challenges and opportunities.

The guide is a compilation of articles by authors who are specialists in the topic of compliance in different segments, discussing and analysing issues of corruption prevention and compliance in Brazil.

The final result was a practical guide with a simple language, seeking to assist companies in the implementation of their compliance programme. Aiming to disseminate the guide, in 2017, one full article will be published per month on social networks and LinkedIn.
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