Alliance for Integrity conducted first training sessions in Mexico for 2018


Mexico City, Mexico

On 18 April, the Alliance for Integrity organised a Train-the-Trainer workshop to train a total of 27 motivated professionals to new trainers for the Alliance for Integrity’s “De Empresas Para Empresas” (DEPE) corruption prevention training programme in Mexico. Compliance professionals from institutions like Bosch, Braskem Idesa, Covestro, Restaurantes Toks, Siemens and many more participated in the training in order to learn the methodology of DEPE from the Alliance for Integrity’s Coordinator for Latin America, Carolina Echevarría. By attending the Train-the-Trainer workshop they gained the necessary knowledge to conduct DEPE training activities for SMEs and to teach them practically how to implement anticorruption measures in their organisations. With the new trainers, the number of trained Compliance Officers increases to 60 in Mexico.

Putting said knowledge into practice, the following day the new trainers had the opportunity to attend a DEPE compliance training session organised for local SMEs in the offices of the Asociación Nacional de Tiendas de Autoservicio y Departamentales (ANTAD). The training was attended by 41 participants and some of them even travelled to Mexico City from distant states like Chihuahua, Queretaro, Puebla and Toluca in order to be able to attend the training which was conducted by Arturo Cervantes from the Anahuac University, Mariana Suárez from Siemens México, and Rogelio Luna from Merck México.

The one day DEPE compliance training programme for SMEs consists of three modules that tackle the basic themes of anti-corruption, including internal, external and collective measures to prevent corruption in the private sector.

After completing the DEPE corruption prevention training, the participating SMEs gain access to the online support desk where they can download further information and receive tips and tricks for the implementation of their integrity programme. Furthermore, unexperienced participants have the chance to take part in a mentoring programme offered by the DEPE trainers in Mexico, monitoring the company’s first steps of implementing proper Integrity measures.

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