First Training in Corruption Prevention for Women Entrepreneurs


Mexico City, Mexico

The Alliance for Integrity carried out a training workshop in Mexico City, Mexico on Corruption Prevention (DEPE) for the first time exclusively for women entrepreneurs, along with Victoria 147, a Mexican organisation that promotes entrepreneurship among women. Eighteen female entrepreneurs participated and learned how to prevent the phenomenon of corruption in their different companies. The trainers Erika Díaz, Head of Law, Intellectual Property & Compliance in COVESTRO; María Contreras, Management of Procedures and Certifications in Logistics and Leasing DMT; and Eugenia Castañeda, Director of Business Integrity at Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity prepared special cases where they specified different ways in which corruption affects women.
Following this workshop, Marco Perez, Network Manager of the Alliance for Integrity in the country, suggested the creation of a working group, which aims to promote the integrity of women entrepreneurs. The female participants and trainers took up the idea and are now planning to set up this working group, adding to the various global efforts on which the Alliance for Integrity will work in the coming years in the area of gender and integrity.
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