São Paulo, Brazil

The Alliance for Integrity’s Working Group on "Strengthening Integrity in SMEs" held its first meeting in 2017 in São Paulo. At the beginning of the meeting, the members of the group were welcomed and the new members, Unimed National Center, Saint Gobain and Whirlpool were introduced.
The Director of the Alliance for Integrity, Noor Naqschbandi was present at the meeting and spoke about the global context of the initiative and about the role of Alliance for Integrity as a concept partner of B20 Cross-Thematic Group on Responsible Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption. Claudia Lorek, Coordinator for Latin America at the Alliance for Integrity presented the recent activities in Latin America and also spoke about the results of DEPE training last year in Latin America. Closing the first part of the meeting, Alice Guimarães, Coordinator Brazil at the Alliance for Integrity, gave an overview to the group about the governance structure in Brazil and also the results that have been achieved during the last year.

Following the meeting, Reynaldo Goto, Compliance Officer of Siemens Brazil and Chairman of the Advisory Group of the Alliance for Integrity in Brazil, presented the company's initiatives in the area of compliance and opened a space for questions and to share experiences. After this, Edward Borba, Federal Auditor of Finance and Control of the Ministry for Transparency, Monitoring and Control (CGU) presented the evolution of the Webinar, that has been developed together with the group. The first edition of the six-session cycle, with bimonthly intervals to assist SMEs in the implementation phase of their compliance systems, will be held on 20 February and will be supported by the Global Compact Network Brazil, presenting the topic "Risk Analysis”. The first session will focus on practical ways how to carry out the business risk analysis so that possible grey areas can be identified by companies.

Subsequently, the Working Group participated in a group dynamics, focusing on the planning and development of communication activities. First, developments from the Aliance for Integrity’s work in 2016 were presented. Afterwards, the participants were divided into groups and discussed ideas on actions to maximise business engagement and increase the visibility of the tools developed by the Alliance for Integrity.

Currently, the group is composed of representatives of national and multinational companies, public sector; international organisations, and civil society organisations: Allianz, Banco do Brasil, CNI, Central Nacional Unimed, GE, Givaudan, Instituto Ethos, Mercedes-Benz Brasil, Ministério da Transparência, Fiscalização e Controle - CGU, Natura, Global Compact Network Brazil, Saint Gobain, Sebrae SP, Siemens Brasil, ThyssenKrupp, Transparency International Brazil and Whirlpool.
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