DEPE Training on OECD Integrity Guidelines in Argentina


Buenos Aires, Argentina

On 4 May, Alliance for Integrity organised a ‘De Empresas Para Empresas’ (DEPE) anti-corruption training in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a special focus on the OECD Integrity Guidelines. The training session joins the South American countries’ efforts to become a full member of this organisation of economically developed countries. It counted with the support of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Argentina, the Argentinian Chapter of the Inter-American Council of Commerce and Production and Alliance for Integrity’s local implementation partners, the AHK Argentina and the Argentinian Network of the United Nations Global Compact.

The high priority assigned by the national government to the topic of integrity and its role for economic development were emphasised by Marcelo Scaglione, the Undersecretary of the Argentinian Ministry of Finance and Argentinian Representative to the OECD. He described the measures implemented by the federal government and acknowledged the Alliance for Integrity’s important work in fostering anti-corruption measures in the private and public sector in the country and region. He also thanked the assisting representatives of small and medium enterprises for their commitment and participation.

Afterwards, the DEPE trainers, Diego Martínez, independent consultant, Sergio Páez, Novartis, and Virginia Linaza, Telecom Argentina, shared their know-how on the implementation of anti-corruption prevention measures. They introduced different forms of corruption and relevant risk factors, the attendants discussed solutions and measures to reduce them. Moreover, they exchanged ideas on topics such as the recommended behavior in critical situations, the components of an ethics- and compliance programme or the advantages of collective action. Real-life examples from the diverse experience of the participants’ and trainers’ provided the basis for the development of practical anti-corruption measures. The 48 employees from 40 Argentinian companies composed a representative cross-section of the countries’ most important economic sectors, including agriculture, construction and trade.

To allow further follow-up and assistance to the participants, the Alliance for Integrity offers an online Support Desk, which provides expert answers when questions arise during the implementation of anti-corruptions measures in the company. Besides, Alliance of Integrity’s TheIntegrityApp delivers practical tools to implement or improve an integrity programme developed for the needs of compliance practitioners of all levels of experience.

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