De Empresas Para Empresas training for state-owned enterprises in Argentina


Buenos Aires, Argentina

In April 2017, the first pilot corruption prevention training with state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in Argentina was carried out. It was directed to the transport sector. Since then, the participating companies have shown interest in receiving further coaching, in order to implement compliance programmes and sensitise its personnel, customers and suppliers, transmitting the basic guidelines of the training.

On 22 August, Alliance for Integrity in cooperation with the Global Compact Network Argentina, held a training course for managers of the state-owned enterprise EANA (Empresa Argentina de Navegación Aérea).

The aim was to promote ethical practices within the company and to introduce practical tools to anticipate and prevent risks. The training session was conducted by Soledad Urri, Ethics and Transparency Manager at Trenes Argentinos Infraestructura, and Débora Dansker, Regional Compliance Supervisor at Sandoz.

Furthermore, EANA seized the opportunity to launch its transparency programme, introducing it to its employees during the training. The help desk is available to the company to resolve queries and support them in strengthening the program and its implementation.

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