Alliance for Integrity conducts week of activities in Paraguay


Asuncion, Paraguay

The Alliance for Integrity held a week of activities in Paraguay in the third week of October. It was carried out with the support of AHK Paraguay, our local implementation partners in the region in terms of joint work and collective action in the field of integrity.

In the week of activities in Paraguay, different activities were carried out starting on October 23, when a Train the Trainer workshop, where 18 business representatives were trained for the first time. On October 24th a workshop took place which new and existing trainers attended. Partners and people from the region also attended meetings during the week. To end the week, on October 26th a Corruption Prevention Training "De Empresas Para Empresas" (DEPE) was held, a programme of the Alliance for Integrity that seeks to support companies to develop and implement effective systems for the prevention of corruption. Teresa Rojas, Minister of SENAC, Paraguay’s National Anti-Corruption Secretariat, Verena Frick, Counselor of the German Embassy in Paraguay and Jan Hoeckle, President of AHK Paraguay, gave the opening remarks of the workshop. Jan Hoeckle shared with the participating public his commitment to fight against unfair competition and equally committed to prevent and combat corruption.

The DEPE training took place at the Sheraton Hotel with the support of the National Anti-Corruption Board, the National Anti-Corruption Secretariat, the national government, the Paraguayan Global Compact Network, and the UNODC, in which a total of 50 different local SMEs participated. Thanks to the trainers Mariam Asunción Estigarriba, Central SA de Seguros, and Leila Insurralde, General Comptroller of the Republic of Paraguay, participants were able to learn about practical cases of how to prevent corruption within their organisations.

The activities carried out in Paraguay during the week add to the various efforts of the Alliance for Integrity globally to prevent corruption, and they pave the way for the activities to be carried out in Paraguay in 2019.

©Photos: German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Paraguay (AHK Paraguay)

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