Alliance for Integrity Brazil holds the pre-launch event for the 'Jornada Íntegra'


São Paulo, Brazil

On December 12, 2018, the Alliance for Integrity held the pre-launch event of the “Jornada Íntegra” (Integrity Process: Good Business for your Company). The event served to engage members of the network and representatives of the public and private sector, civil society and academia collectively in the Jornada, which will take place in 2019, in Brazil. The initiative seeks to build capacity in the country's private sector, with the support of other peers, whose experiences may act as a stimulus for the positive replication of the contribution that integrity brings to business.

The event opened with a breakfast, during which the participants took the opportunity to exchange ideas and reflect on the integrity practices they seek to promote among Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) throughout the Jornada, leading to a more sustainable and reliable business environment.

Amanda Rocha, Network Manager Brazil of the Alliance for Integrity, welcomed and thanked partners and supporters from all over the country, and in particular the members of the Working Group on Strengthening Integrity in SMEs, essential for the creation and implementation of many activities of the Alliance for Integrity in the country. Mr. João Paulo Pacífico, CEO of the Grupo Gaia and Ambassador of the Jornada Íntegra, shared his experiences in terms of entrepreneurship. Mr. Pacífico emphasized the need to create a better business environment, always addressing people’s happiness as a way to a more ethical and healthy business world. Subsequently, he talked about the ‘work of the future’, during which he emphasised digitalisation processes and their potential for implementing integrity practices.

The Jornada will take place in ten steps over the next year. As a starting point, participants shall choose one of four main business objectives that they seek to achieve upon completion of the programme. Afterwards, they will have to fulfill several steps to complete the process, such as participation in webinars, events and trainings. For each of the objectives, the participants will also be able to count on the mentoring of a group of experts who have marked their commitment to the Jornada.

At the end, Mr. Pacífico began the task of mobilising the partners and supporter's inputs, consolidating their commitment towards collective action for integrity in SMEs. The partners present also compromised themselves to help the participants of the Jornada in one, or more, of the four main business objectives. At last, they signed a collective action engagement message, and received from Mr. Pacífico the official pin of the Jornada Íntegra, that recognises them as active agents in the integrity process.
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