Advisory Group Brazil discusses Brazil' s contribution to the Vision 2025


Sao Paulo, Brazil

On 19 September 2019, the 8th meeting of the Alliance for Integrity’s Advisory Group in Brazil was held to discuss, among other topics, the Vision 2025 of the global initiative. The meeting took place at the Regional Administration Counsel of São Paulo.

Representatives of the UN Global Compact, the Comptroller-General of the Union, Magazine Luiza, Cisco, SAP, Banco do Brasil, LATAM, Mackenzie, and Natura attended the meeting.

During the meeting, contributions from Brazil to shape the Vision 2025 for the Alliance for Integrity were discussed. In order to establish priorities for the planning and positioning of the initiative in Brazil, the members agreed on three focus areas for the upcoming years. In the first area, the initiative seeks to foster and measure the implementation of compliance programmes in companies which participated in the Alliance for Integrity’s corruption prevention training “De Empresas Para Empresas” - DEPE.

The second area aims at the creation of a digital platform, used and filled with content by the Alliance for Integrity’s network of compliance professionals in Brazil. Lastly, in order to ensure the importance of integrity on a long-term basis, the third focus area is related to strengthening the initiative’s role in the educational system.

Furthermore, Ms. Denise Iwakura from SAP was elected as the AG’s Chair, while Ms. Marcia Muniz from Cisco took up the position as Vice-Chair. Mr. Adilson Lobato, Banco do Brasil and former AG’s Chair, congratulated the new Chair and Vice-Chair.

Amanda Rocha, Network Manager South America, thanked the group members for their commitment and dedication during the year. Thanks to the AG’s support the Alliance for Integrity is nationally recognised as an effective anti-corruption initiative in Brazil. The next meeting of the AG is planned for March 2020.

Author: Natalie Assis

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