Advisory Group Brazil plans 2019 at its seventh meeting


São Paulo, Brazil

The Advisory Group of the Alliance for Integrity in Brazil held its seventh meeting in São Paulo at the headquarters of the Presbyterian University Mackenzie. After welcoming the group members, Amanda Rocha, Network Manager South America and Digital Coordinator of the Alliance for Integrity, gave a brief introduction on the main objectives and guidelines of the initiative for 2019. The members of the group gave inputs and made comments, supporting the construction of a long-lasting efficient strategy.

At the beginning of the meeting, Amanda Rocha presented the results of the Collective Action process of the "Integrity Journey: a good business for your company". Among these are: the process of splitting up in topic-specific Working Groups for the content planning and structuring of the Journey, as well as the step-by-step plan and the expected results of the programme. The council members then congratulated the Alliance for Integrity on the success of TheIntegrityApp and on the invitation to take part in the 01/2019 action of the ENCCLA (National Anti-Corruption and Money Laundering Prevention Strategy): "Develop a digital platform project and other measures aimed at public transparency, open data and social participation."

Amanda Rocha announced some activities that are planned for 2019, such as the DEPE train-the-trainer training in Rio de Janeiro in October, the ongoing process of developing a digital community for TheIntegrityApp, the presentation of the results of the WG Strengthening Integrity in SMEs, and the Alliance for Integrity’s Global Conference in Mexico City, Mexico, on April 4.

Finally, it was proposed to hold the next meeting of the Advisory Group in September and by then new elections should take place. In addition, the Terms of Reference of the meeting were formalised and signed, as well as the Terms of Adherence to the Advisory Group in 2019.

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