OUr Trainers

So far company representatives in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay have been trained as DEPE trainers. Find out more about them below.


Leandro Arreagada


He is professional in public relations and institutions and possesses experience in the design, planning, execution and evaluation of projects in Corporate Social Responsibility, aiming for the integration of diverse sectors for a joint compliance with their goals. Currently, he works as project coordinator and public relations officer in VALOS, an organization of companies which accompanies and mobilizes the corporate community in their path of contributing to sustainable development in form of a corporate citizen.

Betina Azugna

CSR Manager Sancor Seguros Group

Betina del Valle Azugna has a degree in Commercialization from the University of Business and Social Sciences (UCES) and a MBA from the University of Belgrano. Since 1999, she has been working for Sancor Seguros Group, and since the end of 2005 she coordinates the process of Corporate Responsibility as Head of Corporate Social Responsibiliy (CSR) for companies of the group in Argentina and Latin America. She has a diploma in CSR from distinct universities in Argentina and Spain and is a lecturer at the University of Rosario.

Maria Gabriela Berta

compliance and anti-corruption Consultant

Maria Gabriela Berta

María Gabriela Berta is a lawyer specialised in corporate law and Leading Professional in Ethics and Compliance (ECI-IAE), with experience in business development and projects in the pharmaceutical and financial services sectors, as well as legal consulting for national and international companies. Currently she is a consultant for companies for the design and implementation of compliance and anti-corruption programmes. She works as Executive Director of the Fundación Cancer FUCA. Until 2015 she was KAM and Office Director for the Latin American region at Allergy Therapeutics, where she supported in the business design, legal and regulatory matters, editing and negotiation of contracts and implementation of compliance policies. She collaborated in the editing of the book “Delitos Propios de los Funcionarios Públicos” by Dr. Marco A. Terragni, Juridical Edition, 2003. She was a lecturer in the contracts chair of law studies of the Academic Department Rafaela at the Catholic University of Santiago des Estero (UCSE).

Matias Brener


Matias Brener

Matias is a lawyer graduated from UADE, with a Master's Degree in Business Law from Universidad Austral. He has two degrees, one of them in Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing in UCA and the other in Compliance and Criminal Law in Universidad Austral. He has also been awarded the "Leading Professional in Ethics + Compliance" (LPEC) certification from the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ex ECOA) and the IAE Business School.
Prior to his current position, Matias served as a lawyer in legal studies. In 2014 he began working at Mercedes-Benz Argentina SA, in the legal area, and currently serves as the company's Local Compliance Manager.
Deepening its knowledge in prevention of corruption, has participated in numerous conferences on the subject. He is also a member of the AHK, the IAE Governance and Transparency Center, AmCham, IDEA and ACFE.

María Fernanda Cores Hernandez

Compliance coordinator for the Conosur region at Bayer S.A.

Maria Fernanda Cores Hernandez

With an undergraduate in public accounting and a postgraduate degree in tax specialization, Ms Fernanda has worked for several organisations in the field of accounting and tax, such as the Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires and the companies Ernst & Young and Bayer S.A.
She currently holds the position of Compliance Coordinator for the Conosur region at Bayer and is responsible for Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. In those countries she implements policies and risk control mechanisms developed by the German headquarters. She also develops and implements standardized functional processes in the different business areas in order to reduce risks and policy violations.

Silvina Coria

Global Head of Risk & Compliance at OLX Classifieds

Patricia Manusovich

Ms Coria obtained a CPA & Business Management degree and a Advanced Marketing Diploma. She has more than 15 years of experience in Forensic Audit, Anticorruption & Anti Money Laundering. She is specialised in emerging markets and was Audit Professor at UADE University (Buenos Aires) and regional/international speaker on transparency and compliance.
She made her career in high regulated industries (e.g. at Bayer) and also in advertising and media agencies such as BBDO Media and Ayer Group. Therefore, she worked in several positions across Latin America, USA and UK, where she developed business processes, implemented compliance programs and initiatives, and also lead audit and forensic investigations. Today, she is the Global Head of the Risk and Compliance Team for OLX Naspers Classifieds, with people based in Delhi, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam and Warsaw.

María A. Cors

Auditing Chief, responsible for continuous monitoring and special assessments at YPF S.A.

Claudia Andrea Maskin

Ms Cors is an economist with eleven years of experience in external and internal auditing, accounting and finances. She has worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers as a senior auditor, where she, among other tasks, dedicated herself to analysing accounts, reinforcing financial statements and elaborating work and budget programmes. Furthermore, she has worked as a senior accounting analyst for Nobleza Piccardo. At the moment María is employed at YPF S.A., where she is responsible for the development of fraud audits and specialised assessments. She is in charge of the implementation of the auditing systems and continuous monitoring, realized through the development of management indicators.

Débora Dansker

LATAM Compliance Supervisor aT Sandoz

Debora Dansker

Ms Dansker currently works as a LATAM Compliance Supervisor at Sandoz for the Novartis Group in Argentina. Prior to that, she was employed as a Senior Compliance Analyst for Novartis Argentina. She worked for a SME in the field of sales administration for six years before joining the Norvatis Group, as well as a consultant for different multinational companies in the departments of risk administration and internal control.
Ms Dansker holds a degree in Administration from the University of Buenos Aires and completed her MBA at the University of Salvador.

Christina Devoto


She is advocate, with an Honor’s Degree from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), specialist in legal consulting (UBA), agent of trademarks and patents (INPI) and professional certified by CEC (AAEC-UCEMA-IFCA), with special distinction in academic merit. Cristina possesses a broad and recognized experience in the pharmaceutical industry, where she worked as head of legal and intellectual property as well as head of compliance. Previously, she practiced law in the prestigious and international law firm M. & M. Bomchil, counseling big firms in the field of competence defense. She developed her lecturer activities in the law faculty at the University of Buenos Aires. Cristina was granted a scholarship by the Italian government for conducting research at the University Luigi Bocconi in Milan, Italy. She is author of various articles published in prestigious law and scientific journals as well as speaker in topics of her specialization. Currently, she is partner of C4B Compliance for Business, from where she offers counseling in topics of ethical conduct and compliance with special emphasis on the design, implementation and monitoring of programs of compliance and anticorruption for companies. She is admitted to the Public College of Advocates of the Federal Capital, the National Institute of Industrial Property, currently develops the Executive Counsel of the Argentinean Association for Ethics and Compliance and is director in the Commission of Compliance in the Industry of Medicine Specialties and Medical Equipment (AAEC). Cristina speaks English, Italian and Spanish (mother tongue).

María Cecilia Ferrer

She is graduated advocate of the Catholic University of Argentina, followed a postgraduate study in Economics and Finance taught by the University of Pompeu Fabra, an MBA in the Business School ITEAP in Spain and a postgraduate study in Corporate Leadership at the Catholic University of Argentina. She is certified “Leading Professional in Ethics and Compliance” (LPEC) by the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ex ECOA) of the United States and IAE Business School. Currently, she works in Global Compliance, where she consults in the development of compliance programs. During her career, she worked as advocate and Compliance Officer in BBraun Medical SA and BAXTER Argentina SA.

Dorothea Garff

Senior Associate at Beccar Varela Study


Dorothea Garff is a senior associate at the Beccar Varela law firm. She is a German lawyer with enrollment in Argentina.
Her areas of expertise include counselling to foreign companies, especially German speaking, who want to enter the Argentinian market. At the same time, she advises local and international companies in the implementation of compliance programmes.
Before joining Beccar Varela, she worked as the Legal and Compliance /Technology and Innovation Manager at the Argentinian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Argentina). At AHK Argentina she was responsible for the Compliance Competence Center (CCC). In that role, she coordinated and implemented projects such as the Alliance for Integrity's training programme "De Empresas Para Empresas", the AHK Compliance Working Group and various events and training on ethics and business transparency issues.

María Helena Hevia


Maria Helena is Lic. In corporate administration and public accountant who graduated from UADE and moreover possesses the certification of Professional in Ethics and Compliance awarded by UCEMA and IFCA. For more than 15 years she has been working in Fresenius Medical Care Argentina S.A. working in functions in different areas. For almost 9 years she has been responsible for the department of internal auditing, and started her career as Local Officer for Compliance in 2015. Since august 2016, she works as head of Regional Compliance for the southern part of Latin America.

Patricia N. Manusovich

Auditing, Control and Transparency, Secretary of Social Economy in the National Ministry of Social Development

Patricia Manusovich

Patricia has extensive experience in the field of public and tax law, regarding both public and private matters. Currently, she is in charge of the Auditing, Control and Transparency department in the Secretary of Social Economy in the National Ministry of Social Development. Before that she headed the Department of Tax Law at Studio Klein & Franco and has also worked as a Representative of Treasury for the public department of Contencioso Judicial of the Federal Administration of Public Income and later as head of the lawyer team. She was a partner at C4B Compliance for Business, where she worked as an Advisor for topics concerning ethical conduct and compliance with special emphasis on the design, implementation and monitoring of compliance and anti-corruption programmes for SMEs. She was invited to participate in the Regional Summer Academy Latin America 2015 of the International Anticorruption Academy. She published numerous articles in prestigious law journals, lectured at several seminars and courses and participated in various national as well as international conferences. She is a member of the Executive Council of the Argentinean Association of Ethics and Compliance, the Association of Compliance Officers and the Argentine Forum of Executive Women.

Diego Hernán Martínez


Diego Hernán Martínez

Diego Martinez is a graduated attoney from the University of Buenos Aires and possesses a degree in Compliance and Criminal Law granted by the Austral Unity. Furthermore, he is certificated with Professional in Ethics and Compliance by the AAEC, UCEMA and IFCA. Currently, he became head of the Transparency Unit in the National Direction of Transportation. Before that, he worked in areas of his profession in Fabricaciones Militares, Poder Ciudadano, the Anticorruption Office, the Prosecution of Administrative Investigations and the Ministry of Defense. Moreover, he was consultant of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Transparency International and Civil Association for Equality and Justice. He was lecturer at the University of Buenos Aires and the Attorney Law School of PTN (Proxy of the Nation’s Treasury).

Claudia Andrea Maskin


Claudia Andrea Maskin

Ms Maskin has held various organisational positions such as for the Buenos Aires Congress, the Undersecretary of the Government Action of the Nation and the National Ministry of Education. Prior to that, Ms Maskin worked as a lawyer for Entelman, where she focused her work on corporate and commercial law. She has also been employed at the legal department of Itron S.A. Additionally, she also worked as the Legal Director of Siemens Itron Business Services and held the position of Regional Compliance Officer and Data Privacy Officer at Siemens S.A., being in charge of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. At the moment she is working for Johnson & Johnson Medical S.A. as a Healthcare Compliance Officer & Data Protection Officer.

Roberto Mendenson

Coordinator of Unidad de Transparencia Institucional de Fabricaciones Militares

Roberto Mendenson

Lawyer graduated with honors at Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1995, he has taken Yale’s Managment Program for Lawyers in 2010. He has experience in different areas of law, mainly on civil, commercial, labor and criminal law. On corporate level, he has worked on health, intellectual property, merger & acquisitions and clinical trials. Mr Mendenson is Co-Founder of Argentine Ethics and Compliance Association. In 2001, he became Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager at Aventis Pharma and at Sanofi in charge of South Cone, focusing on compliance in pharmaceutical industry. Currently, he works as Compliance Officer Latam South at Merck.

Daniel J. Mora M.

Daniel Mora
Daniel is a lawyer admitted to practice law in Venezuela and certified as a specialist in ethics and corporate compliance by the International Federation of Compliance Associations (IFCA) as an International Certified Compliance Practitioners (ICCP), with more than ten (10) years of proven experience in legal advice, compliance and corporate ethics in multinational operations and regional regulatory issues, with special emphasis in the area of telecommunications and information technologies.
He currently serves as Regional Legal Counsel in Argentina at Level 3 Communications, reporting directly to the South Cluster Director for Legal, Regulatory and Compliance, being responsible for legal advice, corporate governance and ethics and compliance issues in Latin America.

Claudio Moreno


He is in charge of managing the sustainability department in “Transportadora de Gas del Norte” in his role of head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He designs and implements sustainability and corporate social responsibility policies and develops examples in the private and public collaboration, inclusive businesses in the value chain and types of intervention for the management and transformation of social conflicts. He is professor of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in the faculty of Economic Sciences and rectorate. He gave lectures in social responsibility classes in the Human Resources Master at UBA and lectures in strategic administration at the University of Belgrano. Claudio Moreno is author of publications on social responsibility, collective negotiation and human resource management. He is licensed in “Social Communication” at the National University of Rosario and “Specialist in Strategic Direction in Human Resources” at the University of Buenos Aires. Currently, he is teaching in the Master of “University Teaching Profession” at UBA.

Heraldo Miguel Muñoz


Claudia Andrea Maskin

Heraldo holds a Master´s degree in Economics of the Torcuato Di Tella University and a Bachelor's degree of the National University of Cuyo. Both universities are located in Argentina.
He is the founder of FENSUS, school “Escuela de Nueva Economía” and of “CasaFensus”, a co-working space. Heraldo is also a part of the board of directors of Valos and is the CEO of “CUYO AVAL SGR “company (2009-2016). He is an international consultant responsible for the analysis and the economic and financial evaluation of public and private projects. He is also a Tai Chi instructor.
Another field of interest of his, is the economic measurement of environmental impact. He is a senior consultant for FAO, UNDP, IADB, IBRD, IICA, and CAF as well as a consultant in sustainable finance and CSR.
Heraldo also works as a director and advisor for different NGOs and B Corporations; He is an international professor specialised in the evaluation and sustainability of projects, finance and economy; Conscious Economy, Responsible Businesses sustainable finance; economic valuation of environmental impacts.


Responsible for CSR and sustainability at GS NEA

Elida Fabiana Ozuna
Fabiana is a lawyer (UCSF) and holds a master's degree in Business Administration, majoring in strategic administration (UB). She is an interim titular professor of Private International Law and Civil Law 1 at the Faculty of Law and Professor of Civil and Commercial Law at the Faculty of Economics at Gastón Dachary University; She is also an Associate Professor of Private International Law and Legal Informatics at the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences of the University of Cuenca del Plata. In addition Fabiana works as a researcher on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues at the University of the Cuenca del Plata, and is a partner in the law firm Coscia, Ozuna & Asociados. Currently she is responsible for CSR and sustainability of GS NEA, in the Asociación Civil Grupo Solidario.

Sergio Paez

Compliance Manager of the South Region at Abbvie SA

Sergio Paez

Mr Paez is an economist with broad experiences in the pharmaceutical industry, in which area he held different positions in the fields of business management and finance. He specialised in Compliance and Anti-Corruption and is currently working as a Compliance Manager at Abbvie SA, responsible for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Marcelo Paletta

Marcelo Paletta

Mr. Paletta has a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) and is a leading professional in Ethics and Compliance of the ECOA – BECC. He has more than 30 years of professional experience, working in budgeting, planning and reporting in Mercedes-Benz Argentina. Furthermore, he was the General Director of the company Mercedes-Benz Plan de Ahorro.

Dalma Parisi

Regional Compliance Officer AT Siemens

Patricia Manusovich

Dalma is a lawyer specialised in Corporate Law, Oil and Gas, Energy, Public and Regulatory Law. Currently she is working for Siemens S.A. As Regional Compliance Specialist for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Previously she worked as a plant lawyer and acted as Senior Legal Advisor and Senior Procurement Manager. Before beginning her activities in Siemens S.A., she exercised law in two of the main law firms in Argentina: Marval, O 'Farrel & Mairal and PAGBAM. Her main emphasis was on developing and analyzing large contracts such as key projects, EPC, LTP, framework agreements, providing advice to national and international clients on different legal issues.
Dalma is the author of several articles on commercial law and arbitration, compliance and fraud prevention. She also contributed to publications in the Argentine faction of the "International Commercial Arbitration - Practice and Procedure - Enforcement of Foreign award". She is currently collaborating on a project to publish a Treaty on Compliance in Latin America. As Regional Compliance Specialist she had the opportunity to participate in different forums and seminars as a local and international exhibitor, for example in the panel on "Preventing Corruption in the Supply Chain" for the Global Compact +15, held in Berlin in October 2015. Dalma is oriented towards excellence, responsibility, values and is committed to achieving team goals.

Lic. Fernando Esteban Passarelli



He is licensed in Organization and Institutional Leadership at the National University of San Martín. Fernando is postgraduate in Ibero-american studies in Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance, Human Rights and Peace Culture at the University of Castilla-la Mancha in Toledo, Spain. He has a degree in the Program of Executive Education in Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability from the University of San Andrés, Buenos Aires in Argentina. He is director of the diploma of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Corporate Leadership which is developed by the Argentinean Business School. Moreover, he is lecturer in post-graduate studies at various universities and academies in Argentina as well as Spain. Since May 2012 until now, he is coordinator of the Program Value, CSR and Competition AMIA BID Fomin. He is representative of the EAN for the IRAM for the development of the Sustainable Purchasing Guide (ISO 20400). He is international juryman for the Foundation Responsible for awards of CSR which annually excels companies and organizations of Ibero-America. He is Technical Consultant of the Working Group for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Argentinean Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Enrique Prini Estebecorena

Enrique Prini

Enrique is a lawyer. He graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and holds a Master’s in Law and Finance from UCEMA. He is Vice President and founding member of the Argentinean Association for Ethics and Compliance and has gained considerable certificates such as Certified Compliance Officer at IAE Graduate School of Management and from the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association ECOA, Massachusetts, US and has been certified Professional in Ethics and Compliance by the AAEC, UCEMA and IFCA. He graduated from the programme of Regulations of the National Ass. of Regulatory Utilities Comm. Regulatory Studies – The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management, Michigan State University, East Lansing US. Currently, he functions as Legal and Compliance Manager in Pampa Energia. Previously, he worked in topics of his specialisation in Transportadora de Gas del Sur, Mercado de Valores de Buenos Aires S.A., Grupo Banca Nazzionale del Lavoro, Grupo Juncal de Seguros and was functionary for the National Judiciary in the Criminal and Reformatory of the Federal Capital. Moreover, he is a member of the American Bar Association, the CEADS, the Chamber of Anonymous Societies and the Chambers of Petroleum Industry. He is also a lecturer at the UADE; UCEMA and teaches various post-graduate courses in regulation, environment and compliance.

Lisandro Sabarino

Director of internal auditing at Transportadora de Gas del Norte S.A. (TGN)

Lisandro Sabarino

Mr Sabarino graduated as an external auditor from the UCA and is currently working as the director of internal audit at Transportadora de Gas del Norte SA (TGN). He had previously held the same position at KPMG for four years. He was also the director of accounting at Pricewaterhouse Coopers as well as an external auditing senior at Dentalmax SA.

Ignacio A. Salguero

Ignacio A. Salguero

Mr Salguero is a lawyer who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. He also holds a Master's from the Catholic University of Argentina and the University of London. He has experience working as a lawyer for renowned companies and insurance firms, e.g. Duke Energy International, Zurich Argentina, Mapfre Argentina and Prudential Insurance. He provides legal advice on fiscal and regulatory matters. He also designs and manages systems of compliance, anti-corruption and money laundering prevention. He is currently employed at the ACE Group Argentina, where he holds the position of Legal & Compliance Manager.

Natalia Schoepf

Sustainability Analyst at Randstad Argentina

Natalia Schoepf

Ms Schoepf is currently employed as a Sustainability Analyst at Randstad Argentina.

Esteban Sluga

Compliance & Ethics Officer, PepsiCo

Esteban Sluga

With the aim to enforce the PepsiCo Compliance Programme, Mr Sluga is responsible for promoting a compliance culture that is committed to a high level of integrity and is implemented through the training and coordination of senior leadership. Additionally, he is in charge of the monitoring of the compliance environment and the effective operation of the “Report Line”, the complaint system. His main focus is in oil and gas, contract, business, administration, compliance tax, insurance, energy law. Before this, Esteban was a Senior Legal Advisor for Tyco. In 2003 he was Regional Contract and Compliance Specialist at PAREXEL International SA. Part of his activities were to initiate, maintain, and revise policies and procedures focused on the general implementation of the compliance in order to prevent illegal, unethical, or improper conduct.

Julieta María Torcello

Compliance Specialist, Siemens S.A.

Julieta María Torcello

Ms Torcello is currently employed as a compliance specialist at Siemens S.A. (Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) and as a regional coordinator for compliance trainings (hispanic South America). Previously she has worked at Huawei S.A. in the field of P&L and at IBM in the field of reporting and controlling. She obtained a degree in economics from the University of Buenos Aires and is a leading professional in the areas of Ethics and Compliance with an international certification of the ECOA Foundation and IAE Business School.

María Soledad Urri


Head of the Ethics and Transparency area at Administración de Infraestructura Ferroviaria (ADIF)

Soledad is currently leading the area of Ethics and Transparency of the Administración de Infraestructura Ferroviaria (ADIF), a company of the Argentine State responsible for the construction and development of the country's railway infrastructure. She has previously worked at Atanor as Audit, Risk & Compliance Manager and as Chief of Ethics & Compliance Officer. Previously she was Director of Business Intelligence and Research at Kroll for the Southern Cone and Manager of Fraud, Investigations and Disputes department at BDO. In both positions, she dedicated herself to investigating cases of internal fraud and corruption within important organizations, as well as conducting Due Diligence investigations, developing Compliance and Fraud Prevention Programs, providing training on money laundering prevention and promotion of anti-corruption practices, designing corporate governance structures and supporting litigation.
Soledad has been in charge of managing several tasks in different industries, for local companies as well as multinational, private and public organisations worldwide. Prior to this, she has also worked in the commercial departments of Banco Santander, BBVA and Banco Patagonia.
Soledad holds a BA in Finance from UADE and is a Professional Leader in Ethics and Compliance at ECOA and IAE. She is also a member of the Audit Committee of IAIA.

Gustavo Valente

Director of Internal Corporative Audit (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and Panama) for BGH S.A.

Gustavo Valente

Mr Valente, as an experienced auditor, is leading result oriented teams dedicated to continuous improvement. He has over 25 years of experience in multinational and national companies of different industries. He possesses vast experience with numerous prominent companies such as Alpargatas, InBev, EDESUR, Laboratorios Bago and ENAP Sipetrol. Today he is in charge of the regional management positions at BGH.
He also has extensive knowledge on international standards and procedures, such as FCPA, Sarbanes Oxley, IFRS, US GAAP, Risk Management and Corporate Governance.
In addition, he also gives lectures in different forums dedicated to the topics of Audit, Fraud & Risk Management.

Sonia Vera


Sonia is public accountant with experience in internal and external auditing, Compliance and internal controls. She has broad knowledge in FCPA, Sarbanes Oxley, the handling of risk and corporate governance. She worked for Deloitte as Senior Auditor in the department of Financial Entities and Insurance Companies. Currently, Sonia Vera is executing functions in Chubb Seguros as head of the Internal Auditing Department where she conducts audits and special revisions of normative compliance, prevention of money laundry, fraud and internal controls.

María Volentiera

Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance at Volkswagen Argentina S.A.,Public Accountant (UNR), leading Professional in Ethics and Compliance (ECOA – IAE).

Maria Volentiera

In the past Ms Volentiera has worked for Intersoft Mexico S.A. and for Verizon Business and in 2008 she joined the team of Volkswagen Argentina as a manager for finance-related technological projects. In 2011 she became part of the compliance department, where she now holds the position of Compliance Officer. She is in charge of risk management and internal control department, as well as prevention of money laundering.


Pablo Tomás Albertz Arévalo

Lawyer, Veracitas Consultores / Rivadeneira, Colombara, Zegers and Cía


Pablo is a graduated lawyer. He studied at the Universidad de Chile and currently attends a Master's Degree programme in Economic Criminal Law. He works as a Legal Advisor for two companies: one of them is Veracitas Consultores and the second one is Rivadeneira, Colombara, Zegers and Cía. In addition to his knowledge in the area of compliance and in the implementation and certification of Crime Prevention Systems, Pablo Tomas also does academic work through the legal research he is conducting.

Marcela Cáceres

Compliance Local Point Of Merck S.A.

Foto Andrea

Marcela is an Engineer in Business Administration with a major in Finance from the Technological University of Chile, Inacap. She has attended courses and training activities in Compliance, Anti-Corruption, Code of Conduct, Pharmaceutical Policies, Business Partner Risk Management, among others. She was involved in the implementation of several compliance projects, not only in the healthcare sector, but also in the areas of chemistry and procurement, audit support, and internal training for new company acquisitions. Currently she works as a Compliance Local Point at Merck S.A. Marcela has previous work experience in the field of audit and treasury at Join International Hotel and Ritz Carlton, and she was monitoring telemarketing at Stockbroker Larrain Vial in Santiago.

Pamela Toro Contreras

Foto Pamela

Pamela is a lawyer and holds a degree in Legal and Social Sciences from the University of Chile. She attended courses in corporate governance and compliance and has gained internal and external training expertise for regulatory issues, best practices and topics related to integrity. At the moment, she is employed at the Kaufmann Group as Legal and Compliance Officer. She also worked for Estudio Philippi, Irarrázaval, Pulido y Brunner where she was specialised in juridical issues and commercial hiring.

Mariano Gojman

Regional Compliance Officer, Siemens S.A.


Mr. Gojman is a graduate from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning, Universidad de Buenos Aires. He holds a lot of certificates and has attended various training programmes in the area of compliance, anti-corruption, customs control, due diligence, data privacy, among others. Before he started his current position as Regional Compliance Officer at Siemens S.A., Mr. Gojman worked in the trade and sales department, project management and as an Account Manager at Siemens S.A.. Previously, he gathered professional experience in companies such as Ascom Chile S.A., Ascom Argentina S.A., and Estudio Monserrat SR.L. (Argentina).

Facundo Gonzalez del Solar

Compliance Director for the Southern, Pacific and Andean region, Siemens Healthcare


Mr. Gonzalez del Solar is a graduate from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and has gained professional experience at the District Attorney´s Office, National Criminal Court (Buenos Aires) and the Federal Criminal Court (San Isidro). Since 2011, he has been working as the Legal Vice-President of Siemens’s Compliance Investigations Department in Mexico. He is currently Compliance Director for the Southern, Pacific and Andean region at Siemens Healthcare.
Mr. Gonzalez del Solar has professional experience as a legal counsellor in the area of management, investigations management in cases of fraud, corruption and other compliance-related issues, both at the national and international level. He stands out for his skills in communication.

Ricardo Jungmann Davies

Programme Co-Director, Compliance and Best Corporate Practices Diploma / Director of the graduate programme in Corporate Law, UC-LLM


Mr. Jungmann Davies graduated from the Universidad Católica de Chile and has a Master´s degree in Law from the Universidad de Navarra (Spain). He currently works as a Counselor at the Centro de Libre Competencia UC, and as the Co-Director of the Compliance and Best Corporate Practices Diploma; furthermore, he is the Director of the graduate programme in Corporate Law at UC-LLM. Moreover, works as a lecturer for Economic Law and Free Competition at the Universidad Católica de Chile.
Mr. Jungmann Davies has large work experience as Executive Director at the Centro de Gobierno Corporativo UC, Corporate Manager in Ethics and Compliance at the Empresa Nacional de Petróleo (ENAP), among others. He has also participated as keynote speaker in several conferences organised by e.g. ECLAC, CEP, AMCHAM, National Attorney´s Office, and the OECD.

Andrea Rondot

Forensic Consultant at Deloitte

Foto Andrea

Andrea studied European Business Management at the University of Worms (Germany) with a focus on Marketing and Strategic Control; during her studies she took part in an exchange with the Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile). She also holds a degree in Intercultural Communications from the Friedrich Schiller University (Germany) and a title as Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) from the IAA. Andrea worked as a consultant in the areas of Business and Innovation Development and Forensic Audit Services for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Frankfurt (Germany). During her first years in Chile she dedicated her work to the implementation of a national compliance system and was responsible for the execution of a model to prevent delicts and the realisation of internal control as Compliance Officer for the Continental AG. Currently, she is working for the Forensic Consultant Team at Deloitte, supporting solutions in prevention and fulfilment of anti-corruption norms and combating money laundering.

Felipe Javier Volante Negueruela

General Counsel, Sky Airline S.A.

Foto Felipe

Felipe is a lawyer. He graduated from the Universidad de Central de Chile in 1998, and has a University of California Berkeley Certificate on Business Law (2014), a Certificate in Business Compliance from the Florida International University (2012), a Diploma in Criminal Liability of Legal Entities (2012) as well as a Master’s degree in Business Law granted by the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez (2002). He has experience in different fields of law, mainly in commercial, civil, aviation and labour law. He has been a professor and lecturer and he has worked with local and international companies in legal and compliance issues. Currently he works as the Ethics Director at Walmart Chile.

Alberto Randolph Zink Rocuant

Foto Alberto Zink

Alberto currently works as the head of the legal department at Bayer S.A. Before, he was the director of the department for trade union organization of the Ministry of Labour in Chile.

After having graduated from the Catholic and Pontifical University in Chile, where he studied law and social sciences, he did his Master in penal law from the University of Chile. Furthermore, he has experience with legal counselling to the agro and pharmaceutical industry, commercial law and intellectual property rights as well as business transactions such as contracting, fusions, acquisition and sale of companies. Alberto strives for a better understanding in all areas of legal practice.


Olga C. Bedoya

Compliance Officer, responsible for internal control of public firms in Medellín.

Olga C. Bedoya

Olga is a public accountant with a degree of the Corporative University of Colombia and a specialization in financial and business management, obtained at the University of Medellín. She currently works in the field of compliance, monitoring of internal firm rules, prevention of risks related to fraud, corruption, lack of ethics and money laundering.
Within the framework of the International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS, she is head of the “Frente Técnico Financiero”. It is her responsibility to coordinate the issuing of financial and accounting guidelines. She thereby contributes to the fulfillment of the objectives of the company through the strengthening of the internal control in each of the processes running the organisation.

John Jairo Cardona

Risk Manager at ISAGEN SA

John Jairo Cardona

John Jairo is a business manager with eleven years of experience in the financial sector and two in the cement sector. He has extensive knowledge in the fields of internal audit, internal control, credit and operational risk management and standardised risk and audit models. He is specialised in fraud risk management issues, such as the administration, detection, prevention and dissuasion. He is certified as an IMRA - ALARYS International Risk Manager and CFE - Certified Fraud Examiner.
Currently, John is responsible for activities related to the Fraud Risk Management Programme. He possesses good interpersonal and teamwork skills, leadership ability and capacity to adapt to various professional environments.

Paula Hernández

Head of Corporate Responsibility at the Telecommunications Company of Bogotá - ETB

Paula Hernández

Paula is a business administrator with expertise in corporate social responsibility and broad experience in the design and implementation of sustainability strategies, relations with stakeholders and elaboration of sustainability reports according to the GRI methodology. She has extensive experience in the areas of strategic planning, the realisation of Balanced Scorecard methodology, corporate governance and integrated management systems. Furthermore, she has also gained experience in project management, risk management and internal control.
Currently, she is designing and implementing ETB’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy along with the company’s Corporate Strategic Plan. She is also coordinating the strategic relationships between stakeholders, the development of local programs and the promotion of the company’s national and international management department. She also represents the institution in unions, controlling institutions and the government and civil society.

Pablo J. Miranda

Cluster Compliance Officer at Siemens Hispanic South America

Pablo J. Miranda

Pablo is a public accountant, who received his education at the University of Buenos Aires. He also received a certification of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of Buenos Aires. In addition, he completed an executive MBA at the ESE Business School of the University of the Andes in Chile.
He has over 23 years of professional experience at Siemens, where he has worked in several different areas, such as Contract Management, Economic Analysis, Financial Controlling and Compliance. He is currently working as a Cluster Compliance Officer for South America (Hispanic-speaking) at Siemens.
Pablo obtains the following international certifications, issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors of the United States (IIA): Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Control Self Assessment and an international accreditation for quality assessment by the internal audit department (QA - Internal Audit Quality Assurance). Furthermore, he has participated in the Anti-Corruption Summer Academy 2015 of the IACA (International Anti-Corruption Academy) in Laxenburg, Austria.

Elizabeth Romero

Compliance Officer Deputy at Siemens Colombia

Elizabeth Romero

Elizabeth is a public accountant, who graduated from the Universdad Externado of Colombia. In the past four years she has been employed as a Deputy Compliance Officer at Siemens. In addition, she has been working as a Risk & Internal Control Officer, Local Compliance Officer and Anti-Corruption Implementation Manager in the Andean Region (Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) for Osram. Beforehand she already gained experience leading the financial statement audit processes of companies from various sectors. Furthermore, she is a member of KPMG’s Department of Professional Practice, in which she works to identify opportunities to improve processes and internal policies as well as the methodology to be applied in the audits with clients of the firm. Elizabeth has received several trainings on Compliance in Munich, Germany.

Gabriel Calderón

Financial and Risk Management in public firms in Medellín

Gabriel Calderón

Gabriel has broad experience in the sector of general and statutory auditing of companies in the real estate and financial sector. He has been in charge of strategic planning, supervision and direction of sampling as well as the elaboration, revision and presentation of reports for the senior management. Furthermore, he is qualified in the field of interpretation and application of standards issued by the different state control agencies with reference to the requirements demanded.
Gabriel is currently developing strategies to ensure that the EPM Group fulfills the regulations related to risk prevention associated with money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud and corruption, amongst others.

Jorge García

Professional in Compliance of Public Companies in Medellín

Jorge García

Jorge is a public accountant with a degree from the Corporative University of Colombia and a specialisation in Statutory Audits, Controlling and Financial Business Management from the University of Medellín. He has over 15 years of experience in Audit and Compliance and extensive knowledge and skills in the fields of administration, accounting and auditing. Equipped with strong leadership skills and the ability to quickly process information, he is in the process of successfully achieving effective results.

Claudia León

Regional Compliance Manager Latin America for Yara Internacional ASA

Claudia Leon

Claudia obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and a Master in Corporate Finance from CESA with experience in the design, evaluation and administration of Models of Governance, as well as risk, ethics and compliance management and the monitoring of methodologies integrated throughout the value chain, such as internal control and audit. She has strong competences in communication, project leadership and teamwork. She focuses on the achievement of strategy oriented results.

Silvia Alejandra Montaña

Auditor of Processes and Finances in Telefonica Movistar and Terra

Silvia Alejandra Montaña

Silvia holds a degree in psychology from the Universidad el Bosque and of public accounting from the University Javeriana. She is a current member of the operative committee of Telefonica Colombia, responsible for the diffusion of the principles of the company and the area of conflicts of interest policy. Silvia counts with experience of more than seven years in risk identification, planning, execution and reporting of audit activities on all different organisational processes: Logistics, Technical and Human Resources, among other areas. She has experience in the planning and execution of audit and compliance plans regarding the Sarbanes Oxley Act.

César Roldán

Head of the Compliance Department of public firms in Medellín

Cesar Roldan

César is responsible for compliance monitoring according to internal standards and the implementation of rules applied to the control and prevention of risks related to fraud, corruption, lack of ethics, personal data protection, regulatory violations, money laundering and financing terrorism, which were adopted by the EPM Group. He has a degree in Procesos formativos empresariales from the EAFIT University as well as a specialization from the USB.


Augusto Martínez Chávez

Augusto Martínez

Augusto holds a degree in Law from the Universidad de la Salle (Agua Calientes) and currently works as the Legal Manager and Compliance & Data Privacy Manager at Dräger Medical Mexico SA. He is especially interested in Company Law, Compliance, Data Privacy and Governmental Relations. His activities include the elaboration and development of legal strategies as well as the supply chain control and the execution of training in field of compliance. In his past occupations, Augusto gained experience as a lawyer at Miranda&Estavillo and Santillana & Hintze.

María Contreras

Head of Operations, Logistica Arrendamiento DMT

María Contreras

Maria holds a degree in Business Administration from the Tecnológico de Monterrey (Toluca) and a Master’s degree in Management from the Escuela Bancaria Comercial. She is the owner and partner at Logistica Arrendamiento DMT and works as the Operations and Compliance Manager with a special interest in certification. She is also working at Enlaces Terrestres C&C.
She has a diploma in Finances, Operative Administration of Human Resources and 360° Evaluation. In the past, she worked for Chrysler in Mexico in the Human Resources Department and implemented a 3IN’S project. Currently her primary occupation is the control and support in the logistics department and certifications NEEC, ISO and CTPAT.

Sandra Imelda Guardiola Sáenz

Independant Auditor and Director, Guardiola y Asociados

Sandra Guardiola

Sandra is a public auditor with a degree from the Instituto Mexicano de Contadores Públicos, she is registered in the Administración General de Auditoría Fiscal Federal. Currently she works as Public Auditor and Director at Guardiola y Asociados. She gained experience in treasury at the Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Reynosa and was Vice President of the teachers committee at the same institution. Additionally, she worked as professor for the Instituto Internacional de Estudios Superiores de Reynosa. For several years Sandra stood out with her activities in the public audit area, as a professor and for the public sector in the state of Reynosa.

Rogelio Luna

Compliance Officer, MERCK Group

Armando J. Zertuche Zuani

Rogelio holds a degree in law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and currently serves as Compliance Officer for Merck S.A. Of C.V., a subsidiary of Merck KGaA, based in Darmstadt, Germany. It is the oldest pharmaceutics and chemics enterprise in the world. Being professionally especially interested in the areas of ethics and transparency, he is responsible for disseminating, monitoring and establishing of policies, control measures and plans to improve the Compliance Programme. Previously he worked as a Controller and afterwards as a Compliance Officer from AstraZeneca S.A of C.V., a pharmaceutical company of Anglo-Swedish origin.

Mariana Suarez Rivera

Compliance Officer CIE, PD & DF Divisions, SIEMENS

Armando J. Zertuche Zuani

She currently serves as a Compliance Officer at Siemens Mexico for Process & Drives, Digital Factory and Central Departments (RH, Siemens Real Estate, Finance, Accounting, RIC, Purchasing and Corporate Communications); Being responsible for the coordination of internal and external communication activities (collective actions, design and internal communication campaign, design and updating the intranet page), as well as the compliance training programme for the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic.
She also monitors the implementation of internal policies related to Gifts and Hospitality and Codes of Conduct.

Pedro Carta Terrón

Director, Iniciativas Humanas y Sociales A.C.

Pedro Carta

Pedro holds a degree in technology from the Universidad de la Salle and in Administration from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. He also holds a Master’s degree in Public Politics from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and in Administration from the Universidad Marista. Furthermore, he has a PhD in education for the higher education. Pedro has 28 years of experience as social activist and consultant for social organisations, 19 years as organisational consultant and 7 years as a federal public servant. He has experience in the areas of anti-corruption, social responsibility, law, human rights, management and planation, health strategies, public administration and service, leadership and SMEs. He also participated in conferences and as a lecturer in various events organised by public and academic institutions in Mexico.

Armando J. Zertuche Zuani

Psychologist, Trainer and independent consultant

Armando J. Zertuche Zuani

Armando is a Mexican psychologist, trainer and consultant with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the Gestalt Group. He is certified as an international life coach.
During his academic career he gained experiences in Gestalt physiology, ecology, as also in quality and processes of Continuous Improvement (CI) and Neurolinguistics Programming (PNL). Since 1987 he is an independent consultant for national and international companies, offering specialised training in Administration and Human Development for organisations. He delivers courses and workshops about the topics leadership, teamwork and ethics in organisations, using tools from physiology.
In 2005 he founded the Escuela Superior de Ejecutivos S.C. to provide trainings for companies in the mechanical industry.
He coordinated the master programmes at the Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas. He was president of non-governmental organisations and Secretary for economic development in Reynosa twice. For that reason he consulted in innovation and competitive topics at regional and state level.


Cynthia Aurora Alonso Mencia


Foto Cynthia Aurora Alonso Medina

Cynthia Aurora is a graduate in Business Administration from the National University of Asunción (UNA). Furthermore, she has attended different courses in her area of expertise, among others including Forensic Auditing taught by AGPE and MECIP in the Umbral Programme. Cynthia Aurora was awarded the Certificate of “Registro de Derecho de Autor” by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (Poemario) and has participated in different international conferences, such as Conamerco in Uruguay and Paraguay as well as the CLAI 2015 in Chile. She works as Coordinator of the Project “Tekoye del Observatorio” at the Vice Ministry of Criminal Politics of the Ministry of Justice. Furthermore, she has been in charge of realising penitentiary standards. Before, she was interim Director of the Internal Audit Division at the Ministry of Justice.

Latifi Riad Chelala Orué

Director of Quality and Social Responsibility at Tacuaras S.A.

Latafi Riad Chelala Orue

Latifi holds a degree in technology and production from the Universidad Nacional Del Asunción (UNA). She is the leading auditor on Quality Management System at the ICRA. She is also a specialist in production systems with the emphasis on manufacturing technology. Latifi has done many courses on Corporate Social Responsibility, Senior Strategic Management Programs, Management Costs, Leadership, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO 26000 Standards. She currently works as the director of quality and social responsibility at Tacuaras S.A. and previously also worked as a lecturer in the department of Production Systems at the Faculty of Science at UNA.

Mariam Asunción Estigarriba Fernández

Foto Mariam Asunción Estigarriba Fernández

Miriam is a trained lawyer from the National University of Asunción. She is a post-graduate student in Corporate Education and Law at the Universidad Americana. She works as Compliance Officer for Central S.A. de Seguros since 2008. Furthermore, she is leader of the area of Operational Quality and Control of the aforementioned company. She is trainer in topics of prevention of money laundering. She is member of the Committee for Prevention of Money Laundering of the Paraguayan Association of Insurance Companies, as well as staff in the professorship Technical Law of the Faculty of Law of the National University of Asunción. Moreover, she is owner and director of Estifer S.A., a company which offers consultancy services in civic-commercial, legal, contractual, notary and litigation matters.

Tony Orlando Ferreira Pérez

head of the department for public ethics at the National Anti-Corruption Ministry

Tony Orlando Ferreira Pérez

Tony Orlando Ferrerira Pérez is a lawyer and holds a degree of the National University in Asuncion, Paraguay. During his career, he carried out various virtual campus workshops, supported by different organisations and institutions, such as: the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina, the Center for Development and Technical Assistance in Technology for Public Administration, the Organization of American States and other private and public associations. He worked e.g. on the topics of public ethics, risk management, transparency and anit-corruption as well as mediation in conflicts. Furthermore, he worked as legal advisor for the National Institute of Technology and Standardisation and for the National Office of Migration. At the moment, he works as head of the department for public ethics at the National Anti-Corruption Ministry.

Ubaldo Matías Garcete Piris


Foto Mariam Asunción Estigarriba Fernández

Ubaldo Matías is a lawyer. He graduated from the National University of Asunción (UNA) with a Master’s of Criminal Sciences (UNA) and he is also a specialist in Criminal Science and Superior University Professorship (UNA). Furthermore, he passed various courses and has certificates in International Criminal Law, Criminal Procedures, Constitutional, Legal Argumentation and Mediation. He graduated from the Law School as Consultant of the “Magristratura Promoción XVI”. He has nine years of work experience as legal functionary, lecturer in various universities in Paraguay and is currently in charge as Public Criminal Defence in the City of Asunción.

Justo Rodrigo Garozzo Ojeda


Foto Justo Rodrigo Garozzo Ojeda

Justo Rodrigo is a lawyer who is specialised in the prevention of money laundering, he was awarded Anti Money Laundering Certified Associate (AMLCA) by the Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA), Inc. He has twelve years of professional experience in multinational companies. Justo Rodrigo is a specialist in the area of compliance and has knowledge in Administrative Systems based on Risk, Law and Resolutions of Regulatory Organs, Procedures, Customer Service and Quality.

Leila Inés Insaurralde Moreno

Foto Leila Inés Insaurralde Moreno

Leila Inés is a graduated advocate of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences at the National University of Asunción. Furthermore, she has a Master title in Administrative Law from the same academic institute. Currently she is studying a Master in Criminal Law at the Center of Criminal Sciences and Criminal Politics and a specialisation at the University of Salamanca (Spain) in Administrative and Financial State Law as well as Corruption and State Law. She works as Head of the Anticorruption department in the General Accounting Office of the Republic Paraguay. Earlier, she was consultant and examining magistrate in the department she is currently leading.

Andres Alberto Ramirez Ovando


Foto Andres Alberto Ramirez Ovando

Andres Alberto has a degree in Accounting Sciences of the Catholic University “Nuestra Señora de la Asunción”. Furthermore, he has a Master’s in Auditing and Management Controlling from the Universidad Americana Asunción. Andres Alberto is Foreign Trade Expert from the Administration and Business School (EDAN) and has participated in conferences on fraud and compliance in various Latin American countries. Currently, he works as Director in the Administrative Consultancy of the National Aid Bank. Earlier, he was engaged in the same institution as Director of Internal Audit and Head of Subsidiaries.

Mauro Quiñones Peca


Foto Mauro Quiñones Peca

Mauro Quiñones Peca is a graduated advocate from the Catholic University “Nuestra Señora de la Asunción” (UCA) and Master Legum of the WWU University Münster (Germany), with a specialization in Procedural Criminal Law. He participated in different didactical courses at his university, among them administrative law, forensic auditing, public procurement and corruption prevention. He has worked as a typist in the Legal Forces and as a Legal Officer in Criminal Law. Furthermore, he is a lectur at the National University of Asunción’s (UNA) Law School and doctoral candidate at the Center for Criminal Sciences and Criminal Policy. Additionally, he occupies the function of Coordinator of the Anticorruption Unit in the National Direction of Public Procurement.


Gustavo Avakian

Chief Internal Audit and Compliance Officer in Bameril S.A

Gustavo Avakian

Gustavo has a degree in Accounting from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and also a postgraduate degree from the IAE (Universidad Austral, Argentina). He has extensive management experience in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, textile and retail. During the last years he held different positions in several areas, such as internal auditing, controlling, management control, accountability and finance. He currently is the Chief Internal Audit and Compliance Officer in Bameril S.A., a pharmaceutical company. He focuses on corporate governance, business ethics, integrity, compliance and risk management. In 2011 he founded the Bameril Corporate Compliance Department of Bameril S.A. and since then he’s been developing a compliance programme, procedures and best practices that the pharmaceutical industry requires today. He is member of the LATAM Ethics and Compliance Network whose main objective is to become the group with the highest standard reference in the region.

Sergio Abreu

Doctor in Law and Social Sciences


Sergio holds a doctoral degree in Law and Social Sciences from the School of Law and Social Sciences University of Uruguay (2006) and a postgraduate degree in International and Comparative Law from the Center for American and International Law, Dallas, Texas (2007). He participated in the Management Programme for Lawyers at Yale School of Management, Connecticut, USA (2012). He was appointed Regional Compliance Officer for the Latin American region in May 2013, after rendering services as a Compliance & Legal external counsel in Ares Trading Uruguay S.A (Merck Uruguay) since 2007.

Antonella Graziani

General Manager at Hamburg Süd Uruguay

Antonella has studied Management and marketing at the London School of Economics.-
Throughout the past 15 years she has been working in the Shipping Industry in Latin America. -
Currently she holds the position for General Manager at Hamburg Süd Uruguay, where she is also responsible for Compliance.
Previously, she was Joint General Manager (Commercial) at Hamburg Süd Argentina, as well as Compliance Officer for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.-
Antonella is Director at the German-Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce, representative for Hamburg Süd.

Fernanda Nan

Regional Compliance Officer Latin America at SOWITEC

Claudia Andrea Maskin

Fernanda is a lecturer at the Faculty of Business Administration (Universidad de Montevideo). She has also worked as a consultant and reviewer of international cooperation projects at the Banco Interamericano Desarrollo (BID). She received a Master's in Corporate Social Responsibility from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain) as well as a Master's in Latin-American studies and a postgraduate in International Studies from the Universidad de la República (Uruguay). Furthermore, she holds a degree in International Cooperation and Regional Integration from the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Verónica Piffaretti

Secretary of Terminal Cuenca del Plata S.A., Administración Nacional de Puertos

Verónica Piffaretti
Verónica holds a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. She has experience in port management endorsed by Puertos del Estado - Government of Spain. In addition, she has experience in the analysis of Development Problems in the communities, Faculty of Social Sciences. Verónica acted in Social Responsibility from the College of Accountants, Economists and Administrators of Uruguay and in the development of international business between the Technological Pole of Santa Rita do Sapucaí - Sindvel and Uruguay. Currently, she acts as Secretary of the Directors of Series B of Terminal Cuenca del Plata S.A. By the National Ports Administration.

Eduardo Shaw

Executive Director at DERES


Currently Eduardo holds the position of Executive Director at DERES, a business organization in Uruguay which promotes Corporate Social Responsibility.
He teaches CSR at the Catholic University of Uruguay for undergraduate and postgraduate careers and in the University’s business school.

He is a member of the Civil Society Organizations Advisory Council for the IDB office in Uruguay and a member of the Business Advisory Council for UNICEF Uruguay.
Eduardo takes part as a “Trainer” in the anti-corruption project “De Empresas para Empresas” (GIZ and German Chamber of Commerce).

He has been a member in the Stakeholder Council of GRI, of the board of directors of the network Forum Empresas, of the Advisory Council for the conferences CSR Américas (IDB) and designated expert for the ISO Working Group for the elaboration of ISO26000 and currently integrates the CSR-Committee of UNIT (representative of ISO in Uruguay).
He occupied the position of Focal Point of the Global Compact Local Network in Uruguay.

He has participated as a judge in the recognition program for CSR Best Practices organized by CEMEFI (México).

He participated as a technical coordinator in the IDB/MIF project “CSR for SMEs in the Value Chain” and as designated expert for the regional project of the British Embassy in Montevideo “Economical Effects of Climate Change”.
Eduardo is author of the Chapter “Uruguay” about “The status of CSR”, published by the Interamerican CSR Network and various other articles about CSR and Sustainable Development in specialized media.

He developed various activities as corporate director in the commercial and import sector.