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Together with more than 60 partners from the private and public sectors as well as civil society the Alliance for Integrity launches a global integrity campaign that highlights the negative effects of corruption, emphasises the benefits of acting with integrity, and calls for everyone to take responsibility.

It is well known from past experiences that pandemics and global crises provide fertile ground for corruption to flourish, and that this can lead to increased inequalities, loss of trust in public institutions and further dysfunctions in society that last much longer than the crisis itself. Identifying corruption risks and having tools to address them effectively are therefore important tools to overcoming the crisis and its social and economic impact.

The campaign acknowledges the fact that every day, millions of people have to make the difficult decision of how to ethically behave in an environment of corruption. These decisions can be situationally and individually very challenging but are necessary instruments in fighting corruption and creating a sustainable business environment with equal opportunities for all.

Thus, the central component of the campaign are videos with interactive, and sequential storytelling. Users are initially addressed via a short, animated clip that takes up an everyday business situation, ending with a conflict of interest and the campaign slogan ‘What would you do?’. They can now decide between three options (participate, be clueless, or disagree?) on how the story should continue. After choosing, the story highlights for each option both the individual consequences for the protagonists and the consequences for society as a whole.

However, creating a sustainable business environment requires more than raising awareness. Therefore, the video campaign concludes with a call-to-action that links to the campaign website. The website features further information provided by all partners involved, including publications, videos, podcasts, upcoming events and corruption prevention trainings. The campaign website is available in five languages (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Bahasa Indonesia).

When talking about the fight against corruption, we refer to a global problem that does not stop at national borders. At the same time and in order to promote integrity effectively, local socio-economic conditions and cultural patterns need to be taken into account. Aware of these two sides of the same coin, the Alliance for Integrity has joined forces with partners from twelve countries across the globe, including Indonesia, India, Ghana, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Ecuador. In regional working groups they have adapted the content of the campaign to the local needs and respective country contexts.

Collective Action is at the core foundation of the Alliance for Integrity. Partners from the private sector, together with actors from the public sector and civil society are committed to join forces in a global network. The diversity of partners and perspectives reflect the complexity of corruption that cannot be tackled by governments or companies alone. “Covid-19 and its effects are challenging the global community in an unprecedent way putting at risk former achievements and goals for the future. We are convinced that Collective Action is particularly suited to overcome the consequences of the pandemic. By sharing knowledge and experiences, we are poised to make better decisions more quickly,” stated Susanne Friedrich, Director of the Alliance for Integrity.

Highlighting the importance of the topic, high-ranking personalities, CEOs and young leaders act as testimonials, among them Ms. Brigitte Strobel-Shaw, Chief of the Corruption and Economic Crime Branch at UNODC, Mr. Eduardo Gorchs, CEO Siemens South America w/o Brazil and Ms. Gemma Aiolfi, Head of Compliance and Collective Action, Basel Institute on Governance.

We invite you to follow their lead: Spread this important message and share your thoughts using the campaign hashtag #United4Integrity.

The campaign is launched on Monday, 29 March 2021 and will culminate in the Global Conference of the Alliance for Integrity taking place end of April (27-29 April 2021). You can already register via our event platform.

Author: Elena Rittger

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