Writing Contest for students: the impact of corruption on the economic empowerment of women


Berlin, Germany


Reality shows that women are discriminated in both public and private spheres. As an example, women are less likely to be the recipients of technical assistance in rural areas worldwide, also because policies are not addressed specifically to them. Different forms of corruption and extortion almost exclusively affect women, as sexual extortion, exploitation or human trafficking, and as we can see, all these scenarios have a direct impact on the economic empowerment of women. The points briefly addressed approaches corruption as any process, norm or behaviour that lacks transparent, institutional processes, where arbitrary decision-making takes place, or where a specific group is discriminated.

Taking into account such scenarios, the Alliance for Integrity, in cooperation with Women 20 (W20) Argentina and Civil 20 (C20), launches a writing contest for post-graduate students on the topic: “The impact of corruption on the economic empowerment of women.”

This competition is aimed at post- graduate students from G 20 countries in which the Alliance for Integrity operates in, such as Argentina, Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, and Mexico. Papers on the topic should focus on corruption as an impediment for the economic empowerment of women and present possible measures that could be applied to diminish or avoid these impacts.

The launch of the contest will be on 3 April 2018. After this period, students will have time until 2 July 2018 to prepare papers and send it to writing-contest-W20@giz.de. The winner of the contest will be travelling to the W20 Summit, which will take place between 1 and 3 October 2018, in Argentina, where he or she will have the opportunity to present the winning paper.

For more information regarding the contest, please go here:

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