Alliance for Integrity's “Trainer of the Year” Award Ceremony 2019


Mexico, Mexico City

On 4 April, the Alliance for Integrity's Global Conference took place in Mexico City. The event laid a focus on the question, how to increase the impact of integrity measures. Therefore, the initiative provided a space for rewarding its trainers. The trainers of the Alliance for Integrity’s Corruption Prevention Training Programme are compliance experts. They play an important role spreading a culture of integrity by investing their time to pass on their experiences to business representatives with little or no knowledge in compliance.

In the “Trainer of the Year” ceremony, seven trainers from different countries in which the initiative is active - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, Uruguay and Paraguay - were honoured for giving the most trainings and participating actively in the various activities of the Alliance for Integrity organiseds in their respective country throughout the year 2018.

The work, motivation and commitment of the Alliance for Integrity's trainers are crucial for the initiative's success, given that it is them who play the major role of training and guiding SMEs through the process of implementing integrity measures in their companies.

During the ceremony, the winners received a certificate and a ‘talavera’ platter – a traditional Mexican handicraft – handed over by Dr. Thomas Cieslik, German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The seven winners were: María Marta Tálice from Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Argentina); Márcia Muniz from Cisco (Brazil); Pablo Albertz from Carey &Cía(Chile); Patrick Kwadzie from Kenycorb Limited (Ghana), Miranda Andamsari from Merck (Indonesia); Mariana Suárez Rivera from Siemens Mexico; and Leila Insaurralde from the General Comprotoller Office in the Republic of Paraguay .

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