The Alliance for Integrity starts its global activities 2017 at the Asian Compliance and Anti-Corruption Summit in Bangkok


Bangkok, Thailand


Noor Naqschbandi, the Director of the Alliance for Integrity, started the initiative’s global activities 2017 with his participation at the Asian Compliance and Anti-Corruption Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. Noor Naqschbandi emphasised that there is no one-size-fits-all model for compliance structures in companies. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects that even small companies should fulfil in order to move towards a culture of compliance. This requires a credible tone from the top, a set of procedures, continuous review, a risk-based approach and communication between the management-level and the employees on the ground. The Alliance for Integrity’s training-programme “De Empresas Para Empresas” (DEPE) and the No eXcuses Guide serve as good practice tools that help to promote responsible business conduct within companies but also in business interactions.
Furthermore, Noor Naqschbandi argued that corruption is a crime irrespective of the jurisdiction. The vast majority of countries worldwide have ratified the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), underlining the universal character of the fight against corruption.

The title of this year’s Asian Compliance and Anti-Corruption Summit was “Compliance Across Asia”. Noor Naqschbandi participated in the panel discussion “Cross Cultural Compliance and Communication” with Will Phua, Senior Regional Compliance Officer Asia Pacific, ThyssenKrupp; Prof. Dr. Peter Fissenewert, Partner at Buse Heberer Fromm; Christin Grothaus, Lecturer at the Social Science Division, Mahidol-University, Bangkok, and Vincent Yambao, Sub-Regional Compliance Officer at Merck Group.

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