Anti-corruption in the G20 engagement groups 2018


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Next week from November 30th to December 1st, G20 representatives will come together for the next summit in Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires. During the months prior to the conference, nine engagement groups consisting of representatives of different stakeholder groups from the G20 states have been meeting to discuss the important issues affecting their area of interest and draft recommendations to the G20 to reflect their position. They represent the scientific and research community, the private sector and trade unions, women and young people, and non-governmental organisations. The Alliance for Integrity actively participated in three engagement groups: Business 20 (B20), Civil 20 (C20), and Women 20 (W20).

Having previously been a concept partner of B20 Germany's Cross-Thematic Group on Responsible Business Conduct & Anti-Corruption in 2017, the Alliance for Integrity was part of the Integrity & Compliance Task Force of B20 Argentina. Based on its experience in preventing corruption in supply chains by providing training, facilitating working groups on specific aspects of anti-corruption in the economic system as well as public-private dialogues in different local contexts on three continents, the Alliance for Integrity contributed to the elaboration of the policy recommendations.

Following prior B20 recommendations, B20 Argentina aimed to produce a concrete and innovative contribution to the global anti-corruption effort in the form of a “Commitment for Integrity and Ethical Standards” (CIES) of the G20. The CIES focuses on three main topics. It addresses integrity enhancement in infrastructure projects, high implementation standards of integrity and compliance for State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and beneficial ownership. High-level business representatives presented the B20 recommendations at the B20 Summit on October 4th and 5th in Buenos Aires. The summit brought together business leaders of the B20, government representatives and members of international organisations to advocate and publicise the 2018 recommendations of eight Task Forces.

In the run-up to the B20 Summit, Dalma Parisi, Deputy Co-Chair of the Integrity & Compliance Task Force and Regional Compliance Officer of Siemens Argentina, presented the final policy paper at the launch of TheIntegrityApp, a digital self-assessment tool to promote integrity among SMEs developed by the Alliance for Integrity, on September 27th in Argentina. Ms. Parisi showed how the application is aligned with the recommendations of the Integrity & Compliance Task Force. Trainers of the DEPE corruption prevention training programme also met Co-Chairs of the Task Force, led by Jorge Mandelbaum, President of the “Centro de Implementación de Políticas Públicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento” (CIPPEC), a prestigious Argentinian think tank, bringing the experience of the Alliance for Integrity’s network into the group.

As part of the collaboration with other engagement groups, the Alliance for Integrity and W20 Argentina, an engagement group working towards the full economic empowerment of women, along with C20 Argentina, representing civil society, organised a writing contest for post-graduate students on the topic: “The impact of corruption on the economic empowerment of women.” Among the works submitted, a paper by Clara Machado, a post-graduate student from a university in Mexico, was chosen and presented at the W20 Summit in October. The Civil 20 summit is a specific space in which civil society organisations from different parts of the world can contribute in a structured and sustained manner to the G20. This year, for the first time, recommendations on gender and anti-corruption issues were presented.

The members of T20, think tanks from the G20 countries, met on September 17th in Buenos Aires to present their policy recommendations to the Argentinian President Mauricio Macri and discuss issues relevant to global governance. At the occasion, a high-level lunch organised by the Alliance for Integrity took place in the context of the T20 Summit. This lunch was attended by Dr. Christoph Beier, Vice-Chair of the Management Board of GIZ, Marcelo Scalione, State Secretatary of the Treasury of Argentina, and Jorge Mandelbaum, Chair of the T20 Argentina, who all had the opportunity to talk about matters relevant to integrity and global governance.

©Photo: W20 Argentina

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