Alliance for Integrity’s Director Discusses Collective Action at Basel Conference


Basel, Switzerland

The Alliance for Integrity’s Director, Susanne Friedrich, participated in the 3rd biannual Anti-Corruption Collective Action Conference, organised by the Basel Institute on Governance’s International Centre for Collective Action (ICCA) from 14th to 15th November.

On 15th November, Ms. Friedrich participated in a panel under the heading ‘Collective Action: Are there success factors? Lessons from Integrity Partner Workshops’, moderated by Gemma Aiolfi, Head of Compliance & Collective Action at the Basel Institute and a member of the Alliance for Integrity’s Steering Committee. Other panellists represented a range of organisations from across the world, including UN Global Compact Networks in Brazil and Korea, as well as the Ethics Institute South Africa and the Egyptian Junior Business Association.
Ms. Friedrich told conference participants about the experiences of the Alliance for Integrity with multi-stakeholder collective action, focusing on: success factors in the fight against corruption, how to gain ownership of stakeholders, and the various tools and instruments of the Alliance for Integrity, such as the digital platform TheIntegrityApp. She explained how in many countries corruption has achieved a state of equilibrium that cannot be changed by individual actors, meaning there is little incentive for them to change the status quo – so collective action is required. Among the success factors of the Alliance for Integrity, she highlighted the engagement of large multi-national companies in supporting collective action efforts, the need to create concrete value for private sector stakeholder groups and the importance of a public sector which also has the ability and desire to work towards greater integrity. Finally, in terms of sustainability, Ms. Friedrich explained how the Alliance for Integrity’s model means that it is already functioning as a self-sustaining initiative in certain countries.

The ICCA’s Collective Action Conference takes place every two years in Basel, Switzerland, with the goal of inspiring a greater role for collective action initiatives across the globe. While previous conferences looked at current collective action practices and success factors of collective action, the 2018 conference had as its theme ‘Evolution to Revolution’, concentrating on the evolution of the concept of multi-stakeholder approaches.
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