Compliance in Practice: Conference on the Occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day


Berlin, Germany

On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day, the Alliance for Integrity in cooperation with the German Global Compact Network, the German Institute for Compliance (DICO), ICC Germany, and the GIZ Sector Programme Sustainability within Supply Chains in the Textile Sector organised a conference under the topic „Compliance in Businesses: From Employee Training to the Supply Chain“. The Director of the Alliance for Integrity, Noor Naqschbandi, gave a warm welcome to the 80 participants. This was followed by a panel discussion on optimising and fostering corruption prevention measures in businesses with Dr. Christa Dürr, Project Management Supply Chain at Transparency International Germany, Prof. Dr. Bartosz Makowicz from Viadrina Compliance Center of Europe University Viadrina, Meinhard Remberg, Chief Representative of SMS group, Dr. Julia Sommer, Senior Legal Council of Siemens AG, as well as Oliver Wieck, General Secretary of ICC Germany. The panel was moderated by Dr. Christoph Klahold, Chief Compliance Officer at Thyssenkrupp AG.

In the following three workshops, it was discussed how compliance can be systematically promoted within the company and the supply chain. The group on minimum requirements to a compliance management system focused on the examination of suppliers, business partners, and even clients.

Meinhard Remberg, Chief Representative at SMS group and Jan Hansen, Head of Compliance Strategy&Risk at Siemens AG gave helpful input from their work life. A second workshop dealt with the implementation of a compliance culture in businesses. Worthwhile input was given by the compliance experts Christian Müller, Global Compliance Officer at SAP SE and Mariela Di Bartolomeo, Risk & Compliance Coordinator of OLX & Letgo Global Classifieds. The group discussed e.g. on how to raise the awareness on compliance within the own company. Meanwhile, a third group discussed together with Bruni Rose from incompliance GmbH and Florian Lair from the Alliance for Integrity the question, how employees and suppliers may be trained in compliance.

After a summary of the results of the single working groups in front of the plenum, Dr. Jürgen Janssen, Director of Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, spoke about supply chain management and emphasized the importance of individual responsibility, collective action, and mutual support.

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