Anti-corruption training for companies in the water sector


Berlin, Germany

In cooperation with the Water Integrity Network e.V. (WIN) and the German Water Partnership e.V. (GWP), the Alliance for Integrity conducted an anti-corruption training for companies in the water sector. The aim was to provide an overview of different forms of corruption and effective measures to prevent corruption based on practice-oriented examples and case studies. Furthermore, the participants were encouraged to share and exchange experiences from their day-to-day work environment. The training was led by Florian Lair, Alliance for Integrity, and Lotte Feuerstein, Water Integrity Network e.V..

The first part of the training focussed on different definitions and conceptualisations of corruption and the identification of grey areas. Based on case studies the group discussed potential options for action and countermeasures to corruption.

In the following part, the participants received an overview of the different platforms that deal with figures, facts and data on corruption in the water sector as well as relevant country specific information. The training listed a few organisations that can be approached for support, such as the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry abroad or the local Global Compact networks.

Then, the participants were familiarised with internal measures to build a Compliance Management System. Some core elements are commitment, risk assessment, development of a company specific compliance programme, and the actual implementation of the anti-corruption measures.

In the afternoon, the training analysed a number of risk-based tools to assess and prevent corruption within the company in more detail. The group of participants developed concrete approaches by the means of practical examples. During the entire training session, all participants made interesting contributions to the debate and asked stimulating questions.

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