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Asian countries have played an important role in the global economy since the last few decades with the development of manufacturing and service provider industries. The amount of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are growing thus creating vast economic potential throughout the region. These business opportunities, however, are still affected by corruption, which has been a long-standing issue in the region.

The Alliance for Integrity has been active in the region since 2015 and has worked towards capacity building through a unique format of Business Integrity Training, namely DUKU in Indonesia and VSVK in India.

The Alliance for Integrity’s Regional Working Group Asia was formed to bring together business and integrity experts in countries where the Alliance for Integrity is active to share knowledge and participate in activities aimed at promoting business integrity and combating corruption in the economic system.

The Alliance for Integrity’s Working Group consists of representatives from the private sector, business associations and international organisations of two Asians countries, namely India and Indonesia. Within this Group, intra-regional and inter-regional exchange on experiences, challenges, expertise and best practices are promoted to find practical solutions.

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The Asian Trainers Working Group started its activities in July 2020 after a digital exchange between business integrity trainers from India and Indonesia had been carried out one month before.

At the initial meeting, a pool of 20 trainers from Asia agreed to harnessing the network and expand the activities by collaborating between the regions to raise awareness and build capacity in the field of business integrity. After a lively discussion, the trainers decided to create sub-working groups that work on three core areas based on their individual expertise, namely the Sub-Working Group on Integrity in the Healthcare Sector, the Sub-Working Group promoting Regional Exchange on Compliance and the Sub-Working Group on Business Integrity and Human Rights.

The Working Group is filled with lots of expertise and experience. The Sub-Working Groups specialise as follows:

Sub-Working Group Integrity in the Healthcare Sector

During the pandemic, the healthcare sector played a major role. Creating awareness and building capacity for integrity in the healthcare sector became more relevant. A Sub-Working Group was created to brainstorm on how to bridge the awareness gap. Subsequently the group is working on creating awareness raising videos to promote integrity in the healthcare sector. Further activities are planned.


  • Rajesh Chitre
  • Stevany Eleonor Joseph
  • Miranda Andamsari
  • Shuchin Bajaj
  • Randy Teguh M.D (GAKESLAB)

Sub-Working Group Promoting Inter-Regional Exchange on Compliance

One of the unique selling points of the Alliance for Integrity is the global exchange on issues related to integrity and compliance in the private sector. In order to promote the exchange between and within Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, a Sub-Working Group is created which discusses activities and topics on compliance to exchange knowledge, expertise and best practices across the globe.


  • Rajesh Chitre
  • Ranny Fathia
  • Miranda Andamsari
  • Yanto Sidik Pratiknyo
  • Royani Linn

Sub-Working Group Business Integrity and Human Rights

Integrity and compliance in business can never be seen isolated and have to be viewed in totality. Business Integrity and Human Rights are closely linked, and a number of compliances have a direct/indirect impact on human rights. To understand these linkages with different thematic areas, a Sub-Working Group on Business Integrity and Human Rights was created. The Sub-Working Group identifies thematic areas to work on business integrity. There is a scope of expansion of the themes based on the need and available expertise within the Working Group.


  • Dinesh Agrawal
  • Yanto Sidik Prariknyo
  • Rajkumar Bidawatka

The Alliance for Integrity’s Working Group consists of representatives from the private sector, business associations and international organisations from India and Indonesia.

Private Sector
Civil Society


  • Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt Ltd
  • Mahindra Sanyo Special Steel Pvt Ltd
  • Infimind Institute of Skill Development Pvt Ltd
  • Giesecke & Devrient MS India Pvt Ltd
  • TUV Rheinland India Pvt Ltd
  • NIVEA India Pvt Ltd
  • Schaeffler India Limited
  • Independent Consultant
  • Merck India


  • Merck Indonesia
  • PT Siemens Indonesia
  • PT Otsuka Indonesia
  • PT Aria Prima Communiline
  • Indonesia Business Links (IBL)
  • Traveloka


UN Global Compact Network India


  • UN Global Compact Network Indonesia
  • Bhumiksara Foundation
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