First working group meeting on capacity building in India


New Delhi/Mumbai, India

The Alliance for Integrity, India held its first Working Group Meeting on the Capacity Building component. The meeting was conducted at the SAP New Delhi and Mumbai and entailed discussions on the Capacity Building component of the Alliance for Integrity Initiative. Capacity building is an important pillar of work, which is aimed at building the capacities of businesses to “understand and implement” integrity measures and responsible business practices in their organizations. The focus of the Working Group meeting was to review the Training of Trainer (ToT) module on business ethics and compliance developed by the Alliance for Integrity and adapt it to the Indian context to best suit the needs of businesses in India. The trainings are modelled on the “peer to peer” approach, implying the trainings will be delivered by businesses to businesses (SMEs that invariably are a part of the supply chains).

The important outcomes emerging from the meeting are:
The completion of the adaptation process of the ToT by 25 June as agreed by the members of the working group. The adaptation process will include integrating the Indian legal framework and India specific business cases, good & bad practice examples, approaches & tools.

Working Group Capacity Building

Following the adaptation the first ToT will be conducted. The working group members proposed July 20 and 21 for the pilot ToT. Subsequent to the ToT, trainings will be organized from July onwards. This will be done in collaboration with partner organisations such as Indo German Chambers of Commerce and the Foundation of MSME Clusters.

The Working Group Members include:
Mr. Atul Dev Sarmah, Head of Centre, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs; Mr.Balasubramanian Ramaswamy, Compliance Officer, Metro Cash & Carry India Private Limited; Mr. Dinesh Agrawal, General Manager, National Thermal Power Corporation; Ms. Larissa Wood, DE International, Indo-German Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Lionel Jorden, Manager-Legal, MAN Trucks India Private Limited; Mr. Tamal Sarkar, Director, Foundation for MSME Clusters; Mr. Rajesh Chitre, Chief Compliance Officer, Merck Limited; Mr. Ramchandra Rane, Senior General Manager, Mahindra Sanyo Special Steel Private Limited; Mr. Sherbir Panag, Partner-Criminal Compliance, MZM Legal Mr. Yogesh Goel, Global Compliance Officer & Company Secretary, SAP India.
The next Working Group Meeting to review and evaluate the training programme was proposed to be held on 9th August, 2016.

Working Group Capacity Building
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