Getting Ready for the Third Integrity Week Indonesia –Alliance for Integrity holds Preparatory Meetings


Jakarta, Indonesia

On 3 April, the Alliance for Integrity Advisory Group and Working Group Indonesia gathered at the GIZ Country Office Indonesia to oversee the preparation of the Third Integrity Week in Jakarta planned to be conducted between 17 and 20 April 2018 in Jakarta. Barliana Amin, Network Manager Indonesia of the Alliance for Integrity gave a warm welcome to the members of the groups and emphasized the importance of the Integrity Week. Further, he asked for their active participation and support to ensure a successful conduct of the Integrity Week Indonesia.

Afterwards, the agenda of the meeting was presented, which divided into two sessions. During the first half of the day, Barliana Amin, shared information on the current preparation status of the event to the members of the Advisory Group and Working Group. He conveyed the audience that Integrity Week will be held between 17 and 20 April 2018, under the theme “Benefit for Integrity – Businesses Take Action”. Ensuing the update, he also took the opportunity to gather input from the Advisory Group members regarding the events.

During the second half of the day, a meeting of the Capacity Building and Awareness Raising Working Group members was convened. At this occasion, Barliana encouraged the trainer to join the upcoming training on 19th April. Furthermore, the members also invited to take part in a peer-to-peer discussion on Vendor Compliance Evaluation as part of the Integrity Week that scheduled to be held on 20 April 2018 in Jakarta.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Indonesia Global Compact Network, IDHKBA and  UNODC.

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