JAPNAS and Alliance for Integrity hold Train-the-Trainer Workshop in Bandung


Bandung, Indonesia

The Alliance for Integrity is currently intensifying its engagement in the region of West Java. On Saturday, 12 August, the initiative held a train-the-trainer workshop in Bandung, West Java. The workshop was organised on the request of the local chapter of the National Entrepreneurs Network (Jaringan Pengusaha Nasional - JAPNAS) and facilitated by the Alliance for Integrity Network Manager Indonesia, Barliana Amin. 19 participants took part in the workshop and showed a high interest in the matter of integrity and were eager to learn. The future trainers came from an exceptionally wide array of sectors, including banking, aviation services, education, franchising, packaging, automotive spare parts, construction, LEDs, waste management, housing, promotion materials, procurement, textiles, food industry, and start-ups.

The diverse backgrounds of the participant enabled an open discussion and sharing of experience. As a follow-up to this workshop, Iwan Gunawan, Chairman of JAPNAS West Java chapter intends to strengthen internal compliance measures in their member companies in the upcoming months in cooperation with the Alliance for Integrity. He also suggested further socialisation events on compliance and integrity in the region.

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