Workshop: "Compliance Management: How to increase your competitive advantage"


The programme “Assistance in preventing and combating corruption” (APCC) of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Alliance for Integrity held a one day workshop on October 27, 2015 of compliance management anti-corruption training. The goal of the workshop was to inform participants about current developments in compliance as well as showcase and discuss effective measures to enhance business integrity. 30 representatives from the private sector took part in the training. Welcome speeches were given by representatives from the German Embassy in Indonesia, GIZ, EKONID (the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce), the Indonesian Global Compact Network, KUPAS KADIN as well as KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission in Indonesia).

This practitioners’ training gave an overview of different types of corruption with a focus on bribery and “grey areas” (e.g. gift regulations and facilitation payments). One main finding was that setting strategies and measures for business integrity to a competitive advantage is crucial for Indonesian companies, especially if they want to get involved in international supply chain. Large scale companies have extensive market power; hence they are able to implement their anti-corruption policies. The audience believed that the main challenge lied in local companies, whilst multinational corporations apply the same rules and KPIs; the local companies still face difficulties in committing to anti-corruption policies as their daily practice contradicts that.

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